Sister Wives star Kody Brown didn’t appear in any of his daughter’s wedding photos online despite the father of the bride being at the wedding. For a couple of days, fans of this TLC series buzzed about Kody not being at Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding. But he was there as was the only wife he has left, Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Publicity Hound?

Kody Brown called himself the devil in the new promo for the show, seen below in a post. He claimed that everyone thinks he is, so he might as well play out the role.

You have to wonder if he pulled off a publicity stunt by not showing up in photos posted. Over the weekend the online world talked about the Sister Wives patriarch not showing up at his daughter’s wedding. Was this buzz suggesting the father of 18 was a disgrace let go for so long for a reason?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown | TLC

As the rumors swirled of a “no-show” the Sister Wives patriarch was there as was his wife Robyn Brown and their kids. Still, the couple didn’t appear in any of Gwendlyn Brown‘s wedding photos.

So, why didn’t anyone correct the assumptions running rampant online that he was a “no-show?” Maybe the publicity blew up. The headlines blared, and many fans snarled at him in the comments about his lack of caring.

While it wasn’t nice publicity, it was publicity as Sister Wives is due to roll out Season 18 next month.

Hidden From the Cameras?

While the Sister Wives family isn’t the traditional family, they held to some traditions at the wedding. Such as they did a couple of wedding shots you see at most weddings.

Gwendlyn’s family, brothers, sisters, and co-wives all posed for a family photo. Noticeably missing were Kody and Robyn Brown. Instead of Papa Brown, there stood David Woolley, who is Christine Brown‘s fiance and the mother of the bride.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Wedding Photos
Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Wedding Photos | Instagram

David even stood in for that traditional picture of the wedding couple with their parents. Christine and David posed with Gwendlyn and Beatriz Queiroz, the woman who married Gwen.

But you would think since she’s Kody and Christine’s daughter her father would have been in that pose. Instead, her future stepfather filled in.

To some Sister Wives fans, it almost seems like Robyn and Kody hid from the cameras on purpose.

Sister Wives: Should We Feel Sorry for Kody?

Kody and Robyn showed up in two different camera shots but both of them were in the background. It looked as if they didn’t know they were captured by the cameras.

While the festivities brought out the hooting and hollering for many at Gwen and Beatriz’s wedding, Kody and Robyn appeared to be rather sullen.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown in Background | Instagram
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Robyn Brown in Background | Instagram

To be fair, it was dark out at the time that they appeared in the lens, so maybe it was just a long day. But that photo of Christine and David posing with the newlyweds really got the Sister Wives fans’ attention.

You’d expect the mother and the father of the bride to be in that photo. Not the mom and her future husband. So, some followers suggested this seemed like a swipe at Kody Brown. Or, it could be publicity at work.

What Happened with Kody?

It appears that either Kody showed up and was ignored or for some reason, he and Robyn opted out of photos for social media postings. If they stayed out of the camera lens by choice then it worked well for publicity.

With the new season of Sister Wives only weeks away, maybe the buzz about Kody being a no-show was what he was going for.

So, at the wedding, there is the sad-looking Kody Brown in the background. At the same time, the mother of the bride posed and her fiance with the bridal couple. This certainly stirs up the drama for the upcoming new season whether this is what it was meant to do or not for the TLC series.

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