Just a few months ago, everyone was falling over themselves to insist that Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo weren’t feuding.

Joe Gorga had allegedly made up their disagreement out of thin air. Right?

Maybe not.

It now appears that Dina has unfollowed Teresa — and, for good measure, her controversial husband Luis. That’s new. And it’s not exactly no beef behavior.

The friendship between Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo has spanned many years, though the latter values her privacy. (Instagram)

Sometimes, drama plays out in the public square. Other times, it remains entirely private.

And then there are times when things happen in between — in silent yet conspicuous displays of hostility on social media.

That’s what seems to be at work here. Dina Manzo is not following Teresa Giudice or Luis “Louie” Ruelas on Instagram.

According to Teresa Giudice, her brother has cruelly “dragged” her “through the mud for 10 years.” Behind her, Luis Ruelas is looking less red than usual. (Bravo)

That is unexpected.

After all, there was a lot of work back in April to quash rumors that they weren’t getting along.

Maybe it was all just rumor at the time. But it’s now looking like that rumor has evolved into a fact.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Teresa Giudice expresses that she feels so embarrassed that her family is causing problems. (Bravo)

What happened? We certainly do not claim to know.

But back in April, during an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we all heard about an alleged dispute.

Joe Gorga spoke about their conflict — and identified Luis as the architect of their falling out.

According to Joe Gorga, his brother-in-law has been sabotaging his sister’s relationships … at best, accidentally. (Bravo)

Specifically, Joe claimed at the time that Luis had “f–ked up another relationship in Teresa’s life.

How? Through a business deal with Dina’s husband, Dave Cantin.

When it went south, he claimed at the time, so did things between Dina and Tre.

Making quite the facial expression, Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother-in-law’s issues and their timing are deliberate. (Bravo)

At the time, we reported that someone close to those involved had told Page Six that this was untrue.

It wasn’t just that there (allegedly) wasn’t a conflict between Teresa and Dina.

Allegedly, their respective husbands “never” did any business each other, so there was no deal to fall through.

Luis Ruelas says that he is always receiving blame from his future brother-in-law, and that his then-fiancee’s ex-husband warned him that this would be the case. (Bravo)

“There is no issue at all, zero issue,” the insider went on to insist at the time.

The source characterized Joe’s description of alleged events as being nothing short of “comical.”

Of course, this wasn’t just on Joe’s word.

A very expressive Joe Gorga admits to the camera that he did not want to embarrass his sister, but will address the pizza conflict since she is talking about it. (Bravo)

In August of 2022, Teresa married Luis Ruelas. We’d say “for better or for worse,” but fans are struggling to see the “for better” angle.

Dina did not attend.

However, reports made it clear at the time that Dina did not wish to appear on camera. Bravo filmed the nuptials, so Dina bowed out. And Teresa, it seemed at the time, understood.

Frankly, Luis Ruelas doesn’t even want to read any more of this conversation. He’s unhappy. (Bravo)

Dina herself spoke out late last year to confirm that she and Teresa were close.

She characterized their friendship as having its ups and downs, in phases.

If so, it appears that they are not on one of their “up” phases these days.


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