Young and the Restless predictions suspect Harrison Locke may be used as a weapon against the Newman family on the CBS daytime drama.

Harrison Locke Missing on Young and the Restless

This week, on Y&RHarrison Locke (Redding Munsell) is Jordan Howard’s (Colleen Zenk) hostage. The little boy went missing right after Claire Grace (Haley Erin) brought him upstairs to read him a bedtime story at the Abbott mansion.

Currently, Claire looks like the main suspect, especially to Harrison’s mother, Summer Newman (Allison Lanier). However, the Newmans suspect Jordan is behind it and that she snatched up both Claire and Harrison.

Young and the Restless Prediction: Claire Grace (Haley Erin) - Harrison Locke (Redding Munsell)

Indeed, they know there’s a slight chance Claire was manipulated into working with Jordan on Young and the Restless. But, they also know it’s not likely. They all believe Claire is trustworthy and loyal to them.

Mostly, her parents, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck). No doubt, they are right because Claire did not take Harrison — she is Jordan’s captive also. And the villainess has a new plan which centers around Harrison.

Jordan Plots Next Move on Y&R

Soon, on Young and the Restless, she gets a new idea. She is at The Red Door Motel with Harrison. He wants to go home but she tells him that his mommy and daddy don’t want him anymore. Furthermore, he says that she’s his Aunt Jordan and she will take care of him from now on.

It appears that she got the bright idea to steal another child she can manipulate to hate the Newman clan. Then, together, they can dismantle them. And of course it’s a bonus that he is basically a Newman. Summer might not be his biological mother but she is his adoptive mother.

So it looks like Jordan is going to use Harrison the same way she used Claire. She stole Claire as a baby and raised her to believe her family didn’t want her. And no doubt, it seems like that’s what she is doing now. However, the evil plot may blow up in her face.

Young and the Restless Prediction: Jordan Uses Harrison to Destroy Newmans – Plan Backfires?

It’s extremely doubtful that Jordan will be able to get Claire on her side. She’s not going to willingly let her take Harrison away from his family. She loves her family and doesn’t want to let them down, plus she cares about Harrison. So, she might be the one to finally take Jordan down.

Her reign of terror cannot last forever. It’s highly likely Claire will kill her. Hopefully the villain doesn’t take Claire down with her. Y&R is thrilling right now. Keep watching to see what Jordan is planning for Harrison Locke on the CBS soap opera.

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