Last month, the world learned that Dean McDermott wants to divorce Tori Spelling.

This is not their first time being “over.” And reports say that Tori is hoping that this won’t really be the end.

You know who’s totally okay with the split?

Tori’s mom, Candy. And when it comes to the divorce, she’s solidly in her daughter’s corner.

Candy Spelling Image
Candy Spelling is the mother of famed but troubled actress Tori Spelling, and widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling. (Getty)

TMZ spoke to Candy Spelling just last Friday, outside of Hermes in Beverly Hills.

She made one thing clear above all else.

Candy has Tori’s back as her conscious (and legal) uncoupling from Dean McDermott unfolds. And she always will.

Parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose with children Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau at the Beverly Hilton in June 2023. (Instagram)

For nearly two decades, money has been a big topic when people discuss this mother and daughter.

Simply put, one of them has enormous wealth, while the other has struggled for years. In fact, many of Tori and Dean’s issues have had at least some financial causes.

But Candy suggested that she’ll help to fund Tori’s divorce efforts, directly or indirectly. If that’s what her daughter needs.

Tori Spelling sported platinum wavy locks and a colorful ensemble in this photo from 2022. (Instagram)

Candy and Tori have had some real friction in their mother-daughter bond over the years.

It would be a mistake to attempt to boil this down to money issues.

But, in 2006, Aaron Spelling passed away. He left almost everything to Candy … and comparatively “nothing” (relative to his fortune) to Tori.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023. (Instagram)

Being a struggling actress is hard.

Watching your mom inherit the lion’s share of your late father’s $500 million estate while you’re playing yourself on VH1 and opening a bed & breakfast?

Yeah, that would add to some family strain. Especially when your mom seemingly can’t stand your then-new husband.

Tori and Dean McDermott
Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have many kids. Like, SO many kids. But money? Not so much. (Getty)

So, like we said, Tori and Candy are doing much better recently than they have been in the past.

Meanwhile, those close to the family — like Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg (who was with Candy at the time) hope that this time, the breakup sticks.

Josh also added that Tori deserves a happy life … something that she could only realistically achieve without Dean in her life. Harsh!

On social media, Tori Spelling models a stylish and comfortable-looking garment. (Instagram)

It is truly no surprise to hear that Candy is Team Tori. She’s her daughter.

And while they’ve had their differences … Dean was one of those differences.

Though rumors have suggested that Dean somehow helped Tori and Candy to patch things up … Candy hasn’t really been on board with this marriage since it began.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Together
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have never seemed to have the happiest marriage on the planet. We’re just saying. (Getty)

Dean was the one who pulled the plug on the marriage.

He even went so far as to post a unilateral divorce announcement … one that he deleted only hours later.

Deleting the announcement didn’t delete the reality, however. The divorce is still on.


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