90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5 couple Brandan and Mary already have TLC viewers talking. The 23-year-old pair have an intense obsession with each other. Even though they have yet to meet in person, they devote every waking and sleeping moment possible to being with each other via video chat.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Brandan & Mary’s Weird Connection Freak People Out

TLC fans of the franchise say they feel like they have seen it all when it comes to reality television’s strange couples. However, they have yet to see two people quite like Mary and Brandan.

There is almost nothing these two don’t do together. He is from Oregon and Mary is from the Philippines. They have been engaging in a long-distance relationship for two years. But their strange obsession with each other is causing their family’s alarm. In fact, it freaks most people out.

90 Day Fiance: Brandan - The Other Way
90 Day Fiance: Brandan – TLC

The 90 Day Fiance pair spend their days and nights on video phone calls. They eat, sleep, and do everything all couples in love do. They just do it on video chat. Now they can’t wait to be together in person.

There is just one problem, his family, especially his mother is against the relationship. They find it very strange that she is against him being around females in any capacity.

This also applies to his mom and sister. His mom is against their relationship. She feels her son is ruining his life. She wants to put a stop to this, and she doesn’t care what she has to do to accomplish it.

The Other Way: Mary Suffers Meltdown During Dental Appointment

The 90 Day Fiance cast member Brandan was not joking when he said they do everything together. He says she feels insecure about him interacting with another woman.

It doesn’t matter who it is. So, when he shows up for his dental appointment, he asks dental assistant Audrey if he can set his phone up so his significant other can see him. She agrees but she tells TLC cameras this is a first for her.

Audrey tries to break the awkwardness and asks Brandan if this is his first love. He tells her, no, and this is a mistake. He feels nervous about the situation because he knows how sensitive she is. This is because they were both cheated on in the past, so they are very insecure.

Mary did not like his response to the question and suffered a meltdown. The dental assistant is shocked when Mary bursts into tears. So, she leaves the room.

Brandan tries to smooth things over, but she tells him that he lied to her about being his first love. He tries to talk his way around it. But in the end, he agrees telling her that she is right.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon’s Anxiety Kicks into High Gear

Brandan admits he has a lot of anxiety. He worries about saying or doing something that will upset her. Because the last thing he wants to do is argue with her, so he works hard to keep the peace. He also has a lot of anxiety brought on by his family, mostly his mom.

He has a secret he keeps from his family. But the time has come for him to face the music. They can’t bear to be apart anymore. So, they have come up with a plan to be together. They have made sacrifices to make their dream come true.

Brandan has invested everything he has and plans to build Mary of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way‘s dream home in the Philippines. But first, he has to get there, which will be a huge problem in many ways.

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