Syria Civilians and soldiers killed and injured as a result of American strikes

Media affiliated with the Syrian regime said that the American strikes on sites in the east of the country resulted in the death and injury of a number of civilians and soldiers.

Civilians and soldiers were killed and injured during strikes launched by American forces at dawn on Saturday, on targets in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq.

The Syrian regime news agency (SANA) reported that “a number of civilians and soldiers” were killed and injured as a result of American strikes on areas in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq.

The agency quoted a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, saying, “The American occupation forces launched a blatant air aggression today (Saturday) at dawn on a number of sites and towns in the eastern region of Syria and near the Syrian and Iraqi borders.”

It explained that the strike led to the killing of “a number of civilians and military personnel, the wounding of others, and the infliction of significant damage to public and private property,” without further details.

Earlier Friday, the US Central Command, Centcom, announced in a statement that it had launched air strikes in Iraq and Syria against the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias.

The strikes came in response to the killing of 3 American soldiers and the wounding of 25 others in a drone attack that struck a base in northeastern Jordan near the border with Syria.

“In self-defense”the US army launches strikes against Houthi sites in Yemen

An American official announced that the army launched strikes against Houthi military targets in Yemen “in self-defense.”

On Friday, the US military launched raids against Houthi military targets in Yemen, which it said were considered an “imminent threat.”

Voice of America quoted an unnamed American official as saying, “The army is launching additional self-defense strikes inside Yemen against Houthi military targets that are considered an imminent threat.”

Yesterday, Friday, the Houthi group announced that the United States and Britain carried out an attack on Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen, with seven raids.

Al-Masirah satellite channel, affiliated with the Houthis, said: “An American-British aggression targeted the Al-Jar area in the Abs District in Hajjah with four raids.”

Later, the same channel announced that “the American-British aggression launched 3 new raids on the Al-Jar area,” raising the total of Friday’s raids to 7.

Hajjah Governorate, mostly under the control of the Houthis, is linked to a land border with Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday, the group’s leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, said in a televised speech that “the American and British strikes on Yemen are a failure and have no effect, and will not limit our military capabilities,” pledging “to continue attacks in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden until the Israeli aggression stops and the siege on the Gaza Strip is lifted.” “.

At an intermittent pace since January 12, a US-led coalition has launched raids that it says target “Houthi sites” in various regions of Yemen, in response to its attacks in the Red Sea, which was met with a threat from the group that it “will not go unanswered.”

In “solidarity with Gaza,” which has been subjected to a devastating Israeli war with American support since last October 7, the Houthis are targeting, with missiles and drones, cargo ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea, which has negatively affected the movement of shipping, trade, and supply.

Hebrew media: Israeli security officials intend to resign due to their failure on October 7

Three senior leaders of the security system in Israel decided to resign from their positions, due to the attack of last October 7, but they are still hesitant about the date of implementing the decision, as they intend to continue their duties as long as the war continues, according to what Israeli Channel 12 said.

Israeli Channel 12 said that three senior leaders of the security system in Israel decided to resign from their positions, due to the Al-Aqsa Flood operation last October 7, as they bore responsibility for the failure to predict the attack.

The channel reported that Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy, the head of the Shin Bet, Ronen Bar, and the head of the Army Intelligence Division (Aman), Aharon Haleva, decided to resign following their failure to deal with the operation launched by the Palestinian factions on the 7th of last October, and therefore they decided to leave. their positions, but when the situation allows it.

The channel added that the three intend to continue their duties as long as the war in the south and north continues, and they are still hesitant about the appropriate time to resign, but they prefer the situation to calm down first.

The channel said that the leaders of the security forces are taking into account the issue of submitting resignation and appointing their replacements, especially with the current political situation in Tel Aviv, as political officials will appoint their replacements.

The three had previously admitted responsibility for failing to warn of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” attack, which was launched by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, on Israeli military points and settlements in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of about 1,200 Israelis, the wounding of about 5,431, and the capture of 239. at least.

The ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has so far left 27,131 martyrs in addition to 66,287 injured, most of whom are children and women, in addition to the massive destruction and unprecedented humanitarian disaster it has caused in the Strip, according to identical official sources.

Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the war on Gaza aims to eliminate Hamas, Israeli and American estimates indicate that achieving this is not possible.

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