Sister Wives star Tony Padron finds it hard to swallow in a new photo that wipes the latest rumor off the table for fans of the TLC show.

Viewers of this reality show know that his wife, Mykelti Brown Padron, doesn’t sugarcoat a thing. She also wasted no time to come out and claim what is still hers.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron – Deer in the Headlights

The Sister Wives family navigates uncharted waters in the aftermath of a family tragedy today. Mykelti Brown Padron is thankful for her kids, who offer happiness at a time when it’s hard to find.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron
Sister Wives | Instagram

So, she’s posted cute videos that offer a glimpse of what life is like with a two-year-old and twin toddlers. But something was missing from these Sister Wives daughter’s posts.

And fans assumed just a little too much for Mykelti’s liking. So, the mom of three came out swinging and posted a photo of Tony Padron looking like a deer in the headlights.

Tony Still Hers…

Tony Padron is still very much with Mykelti and their little family. It seems that rumors started to flow when he wasn’t included in his wife’s latest posts.

But she took care of that, telling their followers not to assume he’s out of the picture of her life because he’s not in any posts.

Fans suggested they’d much rather watch the “cuteness overload” of her kids than anything else. So, some were not bothered by Tony missing in his wife’s posts.

Sister Wives: Fun in the Padron Household

Fans describe Mykelti and Tony as a couple who enjoy seeing their kids having fun. When little Ace Padron and Archer Padron start walking around in one of her videos, you can expect they’re about to get into something.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Avalon Padron - Archer Banks Padron - Ace McCord Padron | Instagram
Sister Wives | Instagram

Of course, big sister Avalon Padron is nearby and ready to join in. Then there’s Papa Tony who the fans love to see. This guy says what he’s thinking, and Sister Wives fans see this as a breath of fresh air.

As his mother-in-law, Christine Brown, once said, Tony Padron doesn’t think about what he’s about to say. Instead, he blurts it out.

Tony Unfiltered…

Tony Padron gave Sister Wives viewers a lot of jaw-dropping blurbs in the past with his matter-of-fact attitude as he says something outrageous. We saw more of Tony in Season 18, with fans hoping to see more of him in the new season.

One of the more unforgettable scenes for Sister Wives fans is when Tony Padron gives Christine Brown some dating advice. He compared her potential dates to flavors of ice cream.

He suggested she try out all the flavors, then he confessed that’s what he did before meeting Mykelti. But fans will never forget how Tony got under Kody Brown‘s skin with Mykelti’s wedding planning.

The guest list of 400 pushed the Sister Wives patriarch to his limits. Most of these people were from Tony Padron’s side. Then the pending groom wanted “street tacos” for his guests.

Tony insisted on 10 tacos per wedding guest. That’s 4,000 tacos. He continued with the wedding planning like he was spending his own money. But an uncomfortable Kody squirmed through all this because he footed the bill.

It seemed as though Tony knew how to push Kody’s buttons, making him a fan favorite fairly quickly. But anyway, that’s all in the past.

Today, Tony’s wife wants fans to know, that he’s still all hers. Sister Wives fans hope that Mykelti and Tony Padron get lots of air time in the new season of the TLC series.

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