Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron share a lot of posts of their three little ones, but you only get to see one during this season of the TLC series. The twins were not born yet when they filmed this season. The taping of this season was done over a year ago. But in real time the twins had their first birthday this week and their daughter is only two years old. So, Tony and Mykelti have their hands full.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Came First

Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron are proud parents of their three children, all under the age of two. Their daughter won’t turn three until April of next year. And their twins had their first birthday this week.

Tony looks to be a hands-on dad, as he appears in many of the posts playing with his kids. But just like many other reality stars, this Sister Wives daughter and her husband pay a price for fame.

Tony Padron and his wife pay a price for sharing their life with the masses through social media posts. It seems the majority of the Sister Wives fans applaud this mom and dad of three. But there are always a few who look beyond the joy seen in their online photos.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Avalon Padron
Sister Wives | Instagram

Tony got his fair share of reprimands regarding his parenting skills starting a while back. It seems that Tony Padron was aware of how some fans picked everything apart when he posted a photo. It looks like before posting it, he blacked out a section of the background.

Whatever it was on the wall behind him, he wasn’t willing to share it with the Sister Wives fans. So, some fans blew up the photo and declared it a “weapons wall.”

Fans suggested it looks like he missed scribbling out a knife blade and the butt of a gun. So, the comments came fast and furious.

Tony Gets a Double Hit With One Photo

Tony Padron attempted to show the progress of his workouts in the post above. But, at the same time, his daughter Avalon hung out with her dad.

Even something so endearing as a father spending time with his daughter ended up causing him backlash. Some Sister Wives fans said that they worried about Avalon playing around the gym equipment. A sample of the fans’ comments appears below.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Instagram Comments
Sister Wives | Instagram Comments

It seems that the one photo caused a double whammy of comments for Tony. But many more fans commented on how nice it was to see Tony spending time with his daughter. Others gave him praise for including his daughter while doing his workouts.

Sister Wives: Now Mykelti Brown Padron Gets a Turn

Mykelti Brown Padron was lambasted a while back for leaving her three kids and vacationing with her mom and siblings. But Tony quickly came to her rescue. Some fans seemed to think Tony was a bit peeved at his wife for leaving him with the kids while she went. But that wasn’t the case.

Tony Padron took care of the kids with some help from his mom and siblings. He was happy to see his wife enjoy herself with her immediate Sister Wives family.

When she returned, he couldn’t praise Mykelti enough for being a fantastic mother and wife. So, there was nothing negative there.

From what the Sister Wives fans have seen so far, Mykelti and her hubby are great parents. Even Christine Brown, Mykelti’s mom, commented on what a good mom and dad they make when describing Mykelti and her husband.

Like any young set of parents, mistakes will happen. But from all that the Sister Wives fans have seen so far, Tony and Mykelti are doing great. Still, naysayers find their way to the comment section.

Mykelti Brown Padron posted a video recently of her now toddler sons, Archer Padron and Ace Padron. The two had the run of the playroom, and they toddled around with smiles on their faces. They stopped and played with anything that caught their attention.

One of the twins pulled the top of the toy box down and climbed up on it. But with the top down, it exposed an electrical outlet. What caught some Sister Wives fans’ attention was the lack of a cover guard on the outlet. And… they couldn’t help but comment on this.

Mykelti Gives It Back to Fans

When the fans started to reprimand Mykelti Brown Padron, she didn’t waste much time shutting them down. She is perfectly aware of the lack of outlet covers. But if her daughter, Avalon, hadn’t removed them, they’d still be there.

This Sister Wives mom felt the covers posed more danger with her daughter playing with them. While Mykelti agrees they should be on the outlets, she said the kids ignore the outlets, unless Avalon sees a cover on them.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron
Sister Wives | TLC

Many fans came to Mykelti’s rescue, by saying they taught their kids to stay away from the outlets. Others chimed in to say their kids also would take the covers out.

Some even agreed and said they never used them for their children. These same people also sided with Mykelti Brown Padron that the small objects are dangerous playthings.

Most of all, many fans told her not to pay attention to the naysayers, much like they told Tony Padron when he was under attack. So, some Sister Wives fans suggested that people stop zoning in on electrical outlets. Instead, they should enjoy these adorable twins, who are the highlight of Mykelti Brown Padron’s post.

It looks like viewers will see more of Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron, as well as their adorable kids, as the TLC series rolls along this season.

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