Sister Wives had to get creative with Kody Brown, Tony Padron, and several other members of the family when filming new episodes of the TLC series. With Christine Brown moving her entertaining arm of the Brown brood to Utah, they are hundreds of miles away from Flagstaff.

Still, you might think that Kody’s Arizona house with his last wife tucked comfortably inside would be ground zero for Season 18 filming. But it looks as if TLC is going to give the viewers what they want. And… it doesn’t look as if Kody picking up the pieces of his life is what the fans are asking for.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Losing Ground?

Kody Brown was on top when this reality series first graced the TV screen. The man with three wives and one pending marriage in the wings sparked the viewers’ curiosity.

The thought of keeping four women fully satisfied was something people wanted to see. One of the biggest draws to the show was his schedule for bedroom sharing.

But Kody’s mission was to show via the Sister Wives series how well this family worked together. But in the end, that turned out badly for the father of 18.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Kody Brown | Instagram - TLC
Sister Wives: Tony Padron – Kody Brown | Instagram – TLC

Jealousy was alive and well among the four women who married Kody Brown. So, in the end, his favoritism to one wife sent that jealousy level off the charts.

Now that Kody’s mission seemed to have failed, fans seem more interested in what Christine Brown and Janelle Brown are doing now. They are the two wives who severed themselves from Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown.

Tony Padron Among Fresh Faces of TLC Series?

Mykelti Brown Padron brought Tony Padron to the screen several years back. He seemed to become an instant thorn in the side of the Sister Wives patriarch. Which made him a breakout star for the Sister Wives viewers.

Up to this point, Kody seemed to have the final word on everything related to his large Sister Wives family. But Tony Padron showed up with a different agenda. He wasn’t interested in living life according to Kody. No, he just wanted to marry Mykelti Brown and start a life of their own together.

Sure, he went through the steps of asking for Mykelti’s hand in marriage. But with this guy, you get the feeling he would have married Kody’s daughter with or without his permission.

It seemed that Tony Padron turned out to be the husband who showed the fans what a happy marriage looks like. Jump ahead a few years and three kids later, Mykelti and her husband are as happily married as they were as newlyweds.

So, now with Christine Brown in Utah, nearby her daughter and her son-in-law, it looks like fans get to see more of Tony Padron, which many asked for.

Tony was not someone seen often in the Sister Wives seasons up until now. But with all that’s going on with Christine these days, it looks like the TLC camera crew spent some time in Utah with her and her family.

But there’s one problem with this for fans today. Much of the entertainment value, to come along with Tony Padron’s appearance on Sister Wives, came from his interaction with Kody.

Sister Wives: Tony Trumps Kody in Season 18?

When Season 18 rolls around in September, fans will want to see where Kody Brown is today. But many also want to watch Christine Brown’s new day-to-day life.

The soon-to-be Mrs. David Woolley shares plenty of pictures and some of them show the camera crew around them in Utah. With Tony and Mykelti’s twin boys as two of the newest additions to the family, you can be sure these two get plenty of airtime.

Tony and Mykelti embarked on a get healthy lifestyle and their new looks are quite stunning. Fans say Tony looks half the size he once was. Mykelti has also slimmed down after the birth of her twins as seen below in the photo.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Avalon Padron - Archer Banks Padron - Ace McCord Padron | Instagram
Sister Wives: Tony Padron – Mykelti Brown Padron – Avalon Padron – Archer Padron – Ace Padron | Instagram

But what the fans would love to see is more Tony and Kody face-to-face time. He is the one person who seems to irritate his father-in-law as no one else can.

Still, it looks like many of the Sister Wives fans look forward to seeing Christine and her new life with David, then they do Kody Brown. Plus seeing more of Tony this coming season seems to be a big draw among fans across social media.

So, it looks like Christine’s arm of the family plays a big part for fans of the Sister Wives show waiting for the next season. It looks like Tony may leave Kody in the dust when it comes to popularity in this TLC series.

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