Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is unlike her husband Kody Brown with social media, she just doesn’t post her thoughts or gripes online. For a long time now, the fourth wife in this once-plural marriage has stayed away from the online world. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t shown up in a ton of posts put online by fans of this TLC series.

Sister Wives: Mum’s the Word for Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown’s co-wives frequently post their day-to-day activities, but she doesn’t. Kody Brown once utilized posts quite often to get his messages across to fans. But his Sister Wives online shout-outs have become fewer and further between in recent years.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Sister Wives fans think Kody took his cue from Robyn Brown and stopped his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts. But when it comes to making money, well, that’s a different ball of wax altogether.

Kody makes fan videos for a price. These personal videos are usually less than a minute long, and address the fan by name. Then he speaks to whatever request has been made by the person ordering the video.

Kody Brown Has a Visitor

These videos are usually a solo endeavor by the Sister Wives patriarch. But it seems he waited for Robyn to come home one day to make a fan video with her by his side.

They still looked like a couple of newlyweds with their interactions. Just the way they sat, and the way they gazed into each other’s eyes, was like they were just wed.

Besides the love fest going on between these Sister Wives stars, fans think Kody Brown has a plan. Since all three of his original wives have left Kody, this makes Robyn look even more like a homewrecker to the fans.

While they’ve called her this for years, it seems to be gaining steam again. Especially now, after her interference with his adult kids.

So, some fans think that Robyn and Kody are trying to rebrand Robyn, who claims to be shy in this latest video. After the viewers watched Robyn Brown this season, shy is not a word that fits with her, according to many of the comments online.

Sister Wives: Kody Slides Robyn Into Video

Kody Brown didn’t give any details as to why his last and only wife ended up in this new video. But Robyn did thank the person who requested this clip for all the nice things they said about her.

Kody backed her up when she said she was shy in this clip. He also said they had just finished filming a special scene between the two.

You can’t sell the Sister Wives fans on Robyn being shy after what they’ve seen on the TLC series. But, she and Kody seemed to try hard to paint it that way in this fan video.

The Sister Wives family now stands broken. Plus, many viewers call for a spin-off show without Kody and his fourth wife. So, maybe this timid and meek Robyn Brown in Kody’s recent Cameo video is a ploy to help change the perception of the fourth woman to marry Kody Brown.

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