Sister Wives star Robyn Brown appears in a humiliating scene in the new season of the TLC show, and fans suggest there’s likely only one reason for that.

Fans became appalled when they watched the latest preview of Season 18. It captured the only wife left, and she was not on her best behavior.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Likes Her Privacy Yet…

Robyn Brown has said time and time again that she likes her privacy. This is her reason for staying away from social media. It’s also probably why she seems to stay below the radar and not captured in photos while out and about.

She is often mortified that people think she is selfish. Yet in the latest promo, Robyn offers a scene that seems to reinforce this opinion.

With what TLC has released so far for the upcoming season, the Sister Wives series seems to capture Robyn at her worst. One of the most talked about scenes from the new promo shows Robyn crying about her future golden years.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC

With all the women gone, she has a meltdown about her visions of what will happen when she’s elderly. She’s worried about being lonely in her old age. At the same time, there are three ex-wives, who are all without Kody and attempting to make it on their own.

Next, you see Robyn in a meltdown because her imaginary front porch is empty decades from now. And she’s going through some of the most dramatic movements to emphasize her devastation.

Robyn Brown is a woman who values her privacy and who is also skittish about negative comments from fans. Yet she just offered up a ton of ammunition for humiliating comments, as well as spilling her guts out on the camera. So, why the sudden turnaround?

Robyn Right Behind Kody Brown

While fans see Robyn Brown looking a bit selfish thanks to that scene, it looks like Kody Brown keeps up the shock value. He also allows himself to look like a sad case.

So, the trailer shows Kody getting bashed by Janelle Brown. It looks like he can’t take it and bolts out the door. Not a good look for Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown | TLC

Janelle points her finger at him and tells him to “shut up” and listen to her. After throwing his cup down with a little force he stomps out saying “No, no, no”…

 Sister Wives fans watched and applauded Janelle as her goodbye to him included a couple of four-letter words. But as many got a charge out of this, some wondered why Kody would allow this on the screen. It looks like he got up from his chair and stormed out because he was humiliated.

Sister Wives: Robyn and Kody – Lower Their Standards?

Social media commenters seem to save their positive vibes for the three wives who got away. So, was the new season trailer edited to appeal to those Sister Wives fans? It kind of looks that way.

Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown capture the sympathy of the fans. Plus the applause for their progress since leaving Kody Brown is heard loud and clear.

In the past, Kody went to great lengths to keep the Sister Wives series going. At one point he even took a huge pay cut just to keep the show on the screen.

The embarrassing scene of a quivering Robyn might be the result of the goal to keep Sister Wives going strong. Or at least some fans think that is why Kody and Robyn agreed to have themselves shown in such an awful way.

Fans of the show suggest that this is likely the only way that Robyn Brown would allow herself to look so selfish. She despises the rude and crude comments from viewers, so why give them a reason to write more?

So, the consensus online seems to be that Robyn dropped her boundaries for the sake of the Sister Wives show this season. Drama brings in the viewers, and they need them to keep the show alive.

A lot depends upon that paycheck for the Sister Wives patriarch. But Robyn Brown really seemed to take the brunt of it with that humiliating scene. The new season rolls out on Sunday, August 20, at 10 pm on TLC.

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