Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks as if she’s paying for a mistake today, as fans don’t miss a trick when it comes to this TLC reality show’s celebs. Especially when it comes to the new love lives of the ex-wives from this famous polygamous marriage.

The original first wife of the Brown clan is pretty quiet these days. Or at least, in comparison to her usual social media presence, she is. Now it seems two opposite camps form regarding Meri and her new boyfriend, Amos Andrews.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Faces Problems with Boyfriend?

When Meri Brown introduced her new boyfriend, she looked like a proud woman who found genuine happiness. But when sharing her newfound love with the fans, it seems she unintentionally threw Amos Andrews to the wolves. Now it looks like critics wait for Amos around every corner.

One of the first negative stories to come out about Amos came from one of his ex-wives. She made all sorts of accusations about Meri’s new beau in an interview. Then armchair sleuths dug up allegations concerning his lack of paying child support. And now, even the amount of debt he owes is splattered all over the place.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Amos Andrews
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Jenn Sullivan is Meri Brown’s best friend and co-host of her online show. She read Amos one very strong disclaimer. This happened live when he joined these two women online for their Fridays with Friends.

Included in that disclaimer was how rumors would spin about him. Jenn also told him everything he says will likely get twisted. She warned him about a bunch of stuff that comes along with being a celebrity.

Well, it looks like Amos experiences this firsthand now. Over the last couple of weeks, the headlines dangled some less-than-stellar stuff about Meri Brown’s new boyfriend.

Camp # 1: Everything’s Coming Up Roses For Meri

The first camp making noise online today are the cheerleaders of Meri Brown’s new relationship with Amos Andrews. These Sister Wives fans, as well as a few ex-co-wives, think it’s wonderful she’s found love.

Even Christine Brown, an ex-co-wife at odds with Meri, popped up on social media to say how “thrilled” she was for her.  She also called Meri’s newfound love, “absolutely awesome.”

So, if she has found a new and happy chapter in her life, then all her fans will likely rejoice for her. But while this camp of Sister Wives fans gush about how happy they are for Meri Brown, other stuff is going on.

Sister Wives Camp #2: Huge Mistake Made?

After the report claiming Amos didn’t pay his child support and the following report about the amount of debt he owes, Meri seemed to get very quiet online.

As of this Friday, it looks like it’s the second week without Meri and Jenn Sullivan doing their Fridays with Friends venue. Sister Wives critics suggest Meri skirted the show the last two weeks because she always answers questions from her fans.

Because of all these negative allegations about Amos, chances are Meri Brown would find herself inundated with questions regarding her boyfriend. Even her social media presence seems down to a bare minimum. Plus, she posted nothing about Amos in more than two weeks.

Meri and Amos Keeping Low Profile?

The last we heard about Amos from Meri Brown was when he joined her on her last Friday with Friends, two weeks back.

Her only post this week contains a very generic topic. She shared a post about two decorative paintings she hung on the wall of the staircase at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

So, she didn’t mention Amos over the last two weeks. Plus, she skipped two weeks of Fridays with Friends. That said, all of this has the second camp of people suggesting that Meri might have cooled things down with her new beau. But, her previous posts with Amos Andrews remain on her site.

Others see signs that this relationship is not long for this world, as they go by the latest allegations about Amos online. This, along with her semi-silence on social media, suggests for some fans, there are problems for this couple.

So, the camp filled with Sister Wives critics think Meri Brown pays the price for making a mistake. They suggest she didn’t find out enough about her new boyfriend’s backstory before going public with him.

But the camp filled with her cheerleaders suggests that, if sharing happiness is a mistake, then she made one. Still, from where they sit, it’s not a mistake.

Either way, she seems to keep a low profile today when it comes to posting for the fans of her TLC series. Maybe she’s just waiting until all this blows over.

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