Sister Wives star Kody Brown treaded some murky waters after he recently shared a story with the TLC fans, and it backfired.

That’s only because he seemed to have forgotten this same story was addressed at length once before. But today he tells it differently with a very odd spin, and fans caught it. This story is about an unnamed woman he loved, but couldn’t have.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Brings It Up – Fans Ponce on It

It looked like Kody Brown attempted to demonstrate how Christine Brown slighted him. So, he dug up a story from the past. But instead, he opened a can of worms.

He recalled a time when he was in love with an unnamed woman. Next, he placed himself in a heartbreaking story from long ago. But instead of sympathy, he riled up the fans. It seems he forgot this was addressed before, and fans know a much different story from his recent version.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Kody seemed to see himself as a victim, hanging his head as he told the story about the unknown woman who got away. This woman was to be wife #2 and then, a few years later, wife #4 of the Sister Wives clan.

Instead, Kody claims he sacrificed this woman’s love to satisfy Christine Brown. But this is a huge change in the story. Today, it sounds very different from what was once told by members of the Sister Wives family in a book the five spouses wrote together.

Kody Pulls Christine Brown Out of His Hat?

Years back, the Sister Wives headlines blared about Kody and his involvement with a potential wife who got away. That shocking revelation came from Christine Brown and Meri Brown, who shed light on Kody’s past relationship with a young woman in a book that the family published.

The way Kody tells the story today is that he courted this woman for a long time and was in love with her. He also claims that the potential union ultimately did not materialize because Christine was dead against it.

Sister Wives | TLC

Kody Brown said he courted this woman before he courted Janelle Brown. So, this part seems to coincide with what the Sister Wives’ spouses wrote in their Best Seller. But from there it seems things get twisted up a bit from what they wrote in the book several years back.

Sister Wives: Story Changes Drastically

We know from the Sister Wives book that this woman was in Kody’s life before they built the Sister Wives family. She was to become Kody’s second wife, so this happened even before Janelle Brown came on board the SS Kody Brown.

According to Meri Brown, who was the first wife of Kody, it seems that he had once dated a young woman many years ago. This came from the book, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.”

Reportedly, Kody had the support of Meri Brown in pursuing this relationship. She played a significant role in helping him court this woman, as confirmed by both Meri and Christine in their book. But then something happened.

Kody Devastates Christine Brown?

Christine Brown introduced this young lady from their church to Kody and Meri. She never thought of her as a competition. But from what their Sister Wives book reports, she was.

So, the marriage date was set. But a week before the nuptials were scheduled to go off, the mystery woman backed down. When Christine heard this, she once again had hope to become Kody’s wife. Then Kody married Janelle, which was made the second time he passed up Christine.

But as fate would have it, Kody made Christine his third wife. Kody Brown’s story changed from the original report in the book. As far as that woman goes, after she canceled the wedding, that was the last they talked about her.

But now Kody says that this woman still wanted to join the Sister Wives family. But Christine wouldn’t let him marry this woman. So, today, he blames his third wife for stopping his marriage to this other woman, who by the way, he loved.

This revelation has caused quite a stir among fans of Sister Wives. They hopped online pointing out the discrepancies in Kody Brown’s new Sister Wives story.

Instead of Kody Brown gathering some empathy for the man who just lost three wives, fans became furious. They seem to see right through his attempt to rewrite history. But fans see this as a tweaked story that benefits the patriarch of this Sister Wives family from the TLC series.

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