Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown tell one story, but it looks like another story starts to push through, with jealousy at the root, in the next One-on-One episode from the TLC series. The more these two talk, the clearer things become for the viewers, especially the ones who have watched this show from the start.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says It Himself

At times, Kody Brown looks like a man who doesn’t know what hit him. He sometimes acts bewildered as to what happened to cause the family’s demise. One name he keeps going back to is Christine Brown.

He puts a lot of the blame on her for the Sister Wives family imploding. But fans think there’s more to this fixation on Christine than blame. Many think Kody Brown can’t get over losing his third wife.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Kody attempted to degrade her a while back by saying any potential suitor is bound to watch the Sister Wives series before stepping out with her. Then he thought seeing Christine treating him so badly would send them running.

Kody said this because he sees himself as the good guy in all of this. So, if any man about to date Christine gets a look at her treating him so awful, well, he’d back off. That was Kody’s theory, which he brings up again in the upcoming Sister Wives episode.

Robyn Brown Is Not Enough for Kody?

Robyn Brown gets to hear all her husband spews forth these days on the Sister Wives show. So, it’s apparent to fans that Christine has struck a jealous bone in Kody. Plus, Robyn likely sees this as well.

His new campaign about taking on a “lover” to self-sabotage the relationship with Robyn Brown is bizarre. Fans think he finally realizes what he had with Christine. But now it’s too late because she’s gone.

So, while he says he loves Robyn, she still doesn’t fit into his “fun wife’s” shoes. Once, when describing all four wives on the Sister Wives show, Kody called Robyn his “loyal” wife and Christine his “fun wife.”

While loyalty is a good thing, having fun is something everyone needs in life. So, some viewers suggest he’s missing what he once had with his third wife.

Sister Wives: Robyn Lacks Smiles These Days

With Kody Brown seemingly taking Christine’s departure so hard, this has to wear on Robyn Brown. Since both women seem to suggest there’s no love lost between them, this seems like a recipe for jealousy.

The Sister Wives patriarch admitted to being superficial when he talked about how his third wife looked while they were dating. He called her “chubby” and watching her eat at the time became a turn-off to him.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | CBS

But Christine, who was always beautiful, has blossomed into an even more gorgeous woman. For years, Robyn Brown was often referred to as the “pretty wife.” But today fans couldn’t do that.

All three of the Sister Wives’ original brides fall under that category. Christine looks fantastic. So, this likely isn’t lost on the man who admits he’s superficial. The father of 18 dangles his third wife in front of Robyn. His infatuation with her is bound to make any wife jealous. In the next episode, he goes even further.

Kody Self-Sabotaging His Relationship with Robyn

Kody claims he’s self-sabotaging his relationship with Robyn. Fans picked up on his thoughts of finding a “lover.” He also alluded to sharing these thoughts with Robyn.

Next comes his ideas about David Woolley. At this point, during the Sister Wives One-on-One, Christine is still only engaged. But it’s easy for the fans to see this bugs Kody.

He has to find an excuse for David loving his ex-wife, so he inserts himself into the equation. He claims she has to ruin his reputation because if she didn’t David would wonder why she left such a terrific guy.

Fans seem to see right through his thoughts on David as nothing but pure jealousy on his part. So, can you imagine what he says to Robyn at home? He admits to saying things he shouldn’t because they are hurtful.

Robyn Brown hears Kody’s thoughts about taking on a lover. Plus, she has to notice his fixation on his ex-wife and her future husband. So, as Sister Wives viewers suggest, this is enough to stir up jealousy in any wife.

That said, it looks like Robyn Brown might be in the same place as her co-wives for the last few decades. They lived with jealousy, as Kody Brown made it clear by his actions that he loved Robyn Brown more than any of his other wives. But just recently, he finally admitted this on this TLC series.

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