Sister Wives star David Woolley‘s sarcastic digs at Kody Brown recently captured the attention of the fans from this TLC series. David became the target of fan friction after he took over as the co-star of the TLC series for the final two episodes of Season 18. David was the male lead, a spot that belonged to Kody for more than a decade, and the fans loved it.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Pushing Kody Brown’s Buttons?

David Woolley appeared in one of the most recent social media posts that caught the eye of Sister Wives fans. He stood next to Christine Brown, holding a package of Skittles in one hand and a beer in the other.

Most folks wouldn’t think too much of this. But die-hard Sister Wives fans caught the sarcastic reference David was tossing toward Kody. The shared husband said that marriage wasn’t always Skittles and beer.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
Sister Wives | Instagram

So, David was sending him the message that he finds everything coming up Skittles and beer when he’s with Christine. The show’s viewers sat through a few of Christine Brown’s digs at Kody, with David by her side helping her do this.

But now Sister Wives fans are starting to say enough is enough. Some even suggest that David Woolley is getting too big for his britches, as he seems at ease helping Christine Brown push back at Kody. But, think about what might be going on here with Christine Brown and David Woolley when it comes to Kody.

Beer and Candy – David’s Horrific Ode to Kody?

It wasn’t all that long ago that some humiliating things came out of Kody Brown’s mouth aimed at Christine Brown. One of the things that the shared husband said to Christine warranted a personal talk. Instead, the Sister Wives patriarch angrily blurted it out on national television.

He told his wife of almost 30 years that he did not find her attractive for intimate relations anymore. Ouch… that was cruel by almost anybody’s definition. So, it looks like David Woolley understands the torment Christine went through with her first husband.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - David Woolley
Sister Wives | TLC/Instagram

It also looks as if he’s helping her build up her confidence by telling the world being with Christine is just wonderful. He held up a pack of candy and a beer, which was likely a reference to Kody Brown, as many Sister Wives fans surmised.

But this is far from the degrading words Christine endured from Kody during their marriage. So, if a popular candy and a designer beer look like a dig, well, that’s about as gentle as you can get.

Sister Wives: Helping Christine Heal the Wounds

Kody Brown once suggested that watching Christine eat nachos grossed him out. This was before they were married. The scene was such a turn-off for Kody that he almost broke it off with Christine because of this.

On the flip side, Christine and David posted a picture of the two of them eating nachos together, another mild dig Kody’s way. David is likely doing nothing more than helping Christine heal from years of being degraded by her Sister Wives husband.

So, David called the Sister Wives patriarch a “dumb*ss.” But that was only because he let Christine get away from him. From where David Woolley sits, Kody Brown had the best thing going with Christine as a wife. So, that’s the word he used to describe him for not cherishing the woman he now loves.

Janelle Brown Gives David Her Seal of Approval

Even Janelle Brown, the Sister Wives voice of reason to many fans, sees David helping Christine. She mentioned the amount of public displays of attention he engages in with Christine. Janelle said that this is also a way for Christine to mend those wounds afflicted on her by Kody. She feels attractive and desired, something she didn’t feel from her ex.

So some Sister Wives fans might see David Woolley jabbing Kody, while others see him healing all the horrendous wounds. Some of Christine’s wounds are years deep and thrust upon her in the public arena of the Sister Wives show.

Unlike Kody, David only makes innocuous jabs. He’s likely doing this for the sake of making Christine Brown feel better about herself. So, maybe David Woolley is just doing what you’d expect a husband to do, always have his wife’s back both on and off the TLC series.

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