Sister Wives star Christine Brown is the one to watch when you want to know if another season of the TLC show is in the cards or not. Now, once again, she came through. Fans and critics alike suggest that Christine became the star of this network’s series. They also suggest she knocked Kody Brown down a few notches, as her new life is much more interesting to watch.

Sister Wives: All Eyes on Christine Brown

Christine Brown ushered the last season out by leaving tears in the eyes of fans, as her joy was quite contagious. Her two-part wedding special was one of the most memorable events to air out of more than a decade of episodes.

Now Season 18 has made it into the Sister Wives archives. But the good news for the viewers is that Season 19 is already filming, according to what Christine Brown had to say.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
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Even the critics see Christine as the one Sister Wives star fans itch to see more of. As a new bride with a husband of her own, her new life with David Woolley is a real draw for viewers. Now that Meri Brown has introduced her new boyfriend to the masses, we can only hope we see how her life unfolds with a man of her own.

Then, of course, there’s Janelle Brown, who not only Christine embraces as family, but her new husband does as well. Christine said all five of the original Sister Wives spouses appear on Season 19.

Christine Rises Above Kody Brown & Robyn Brown

The buzz online puts Christine Brown and David Woolley as the couple fans want to see more of. Considering all five of the original Sister Wives spouses signed on for Season 19, we will see Christine. Plus, David is also part of the new season.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are also part of the new season. But more and more fans suggest leaving them off the show. Although that likely won’t happen. That said, likely, Kody would never give up the ship.

What Christine had to say about the new Sister Wives season sounds very different from what we are used to. What she mentioned, sounds like something that might be very interesting to see.

Sister Wives Season 19 – Come One, Come All

While Christine Brown filled us in on what we will see, she also touched on what we won’t see. If Sister Wives fans expect some drag-out fights, well, that’s not happening, she said.

But what you will see, drum roll please… all five of the Sister Wives spouses together in one place. Not just once but a few different times. So, that’s going to be something to watch. Christine did say they are all very cordial.

This means Sister Wives fans will see Kody and David at the same event together. While she never mentioned what the occasions were that brought them all together, fans assume either birthdays, graduations, or maybe even a surprise wedding. They do have a flock of Sister Wives kids who are adults and still not married yet.

Christine was married in October, and the other stars of the show sat and watched the video of the TLC wedding event. They also shared their comments as they watched. This is when Kody said he had met David. So, maybe they met at one of the events they filmed.

When Will TLC Roll Out the New Season 19?

Christine touched on Season 19 very lightly. But there’s no doubt about it, it’s a go and some of the filming has already taken place. TLC traditionally does not officially offer an announcement of a new season until weeks before it rolls out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | CBS

The last few times, it was Christine or one of her offspring who “leaked” the filming of the next season. When the new season airs will become anybody’s guess. Sister Wives has rolled out a new season in almost every calendar month of the year.

That’s all except for three months, February, April, and October. But there’s always a first time, so any month is possible for the start date of a new TLC series season.

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