As her grandmother might say, you’re doing amazing, sweetie!

Kim Kardashian spent some mother-daughter time with daughter North West on The Kardashians.

North likes to cook, and she’s clearly good at it despite her young age. (She’s still young, but just old enough to make us feel old)

She’s also witty — using the opportunity to absolutely roast her mother.

North West prepares food in a kitchen.
On The Kardashians S04E06, North West prepares food in her mother’s spacious, hauntingly minimalist kitchen. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Avocado, cucumber, rice, chicken wings, and more appear on the countertop in front of North during a Season 4, Episode 6 segment of The Kardashians.

She is preparing to make both hand-rolled sushi and some chicken wings. The ingredients are all there. But she’s missing something.

It’s Kim. She’s the missing ingredient. But while North waits for her mother to join her in the kitchen, a producer asks a potentially shady question.

North West stands in the kitchen while a producer's question appears in the caption: Can your mom cook?
In the spring of 2023, North West hears a question from a producer: can her mom cook? (Image Credit: Hulu)

“Can your mom cook?” a producer asks North from off camera.

North is 10 years old, but was just a couple of months shy of that when this episode filmed.

“Heck no!” North quips. Viewers who watched were cracking up, and took to social media to cheer her on.

We see Kim Kardashian's hauntingly minimalist hallway, with a caption of her complimenting the smell coming from the kitchen.
From the other room, Kim Kardashian declares that things are already smelling good. (Image Credit: Hulu)

“North is literally on this planet to humble Kim,” observed one social media user. (Notably, Kim makes a similar point later in this episode.

“I love her outspokenness!” wrote another. We do, too! Nine is a great age for someone to find their voice and begin discovering more complex interests.

“Hahahahah she is wildly scathing,” cackled another social media user. “I absolutely love it.” So do we!

Kim Kardashian and North West stand in the kitchen. An array of bowls of ingredients are arranged before them.
Kim Kardashian walks into the kitchen and surveys what daughter North West is working with on Season 4, Episode 6 of The Kardashians. (Image Credit: Hulu)

And it’s good that North is having a good time.

That is sort of the point.

It’s not just that she loves to cook — but she does love to cook.

Kim Kardashian speaks to the confessional camera.
Speaking to the confessional camera, Kim Kardashian explains this mother-daughter bonding time. (Image Credit: Hulu)

As Kim explains to the confessional camera, she is very consciously spending time bonding with North.

She has four kids. And she is also one of the most intentionally busy people on the planet.

Kim is one of those people who wants to always be doing things. It’s not as simple as spending too much time working or picking up passion projects or hobbies; it’s a drive. But she wants to always make time for her kids.

A close-up screenshot from The Kardashians of chicken wings with seasoning on them.
In the kitchen, North West adds seasoning to chicken wings. (Image Credit: Hulu)

We can, of course, acknowledge that many children do not have the opportunity to develop a love for cooking.

It takes time and supplies to learn. In most case, it requires a skilled teacher — or, at least, a parent with the time to supervise.

And kids who have to cook to feed younger siblings are less likely to develop this passion. The same goes for kids who then have to do their own dishes. We’re so happy that North has gotten to explore this!

North West stands at a counter and sips from her beverage.
North West is the first to emphasize that she knows music references from before her time. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Their bonding is important for several reasons.

North is a child of divorce. While some divorces end with only one parent having the kids (which can be a tragedy or a very good thing, depending upon the parents), kids may need extra bonding time with both parents.

This time together is also very important in the years leading up to North’s teens. That can be a difficult time, so it’s good to cement their relationship here and now.

Kim Kardashian faces daughter North West as they both stand by the kitchen counter.
Kim Kardashian and North West bond in the kitchen during this Season 4 episode of The Kardashians. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Also? It’s just really fun.

North is an interesting person. She’s creative, she’s passionate, and she’s funny.

She is also, and we cannot emphasize this enough, clearly good at cooking and will only get better.

While North West uses a knife to prepare sushi ingredients, Kim Kardashian washes her hands.
Kim Kardashian watches as daughter North West deftly uses the knife to prepare their food. (Image Credit: Hulu)

North has a vibrant personality.

She’s not her father (thankfully). But she’s also not her mother.

North is her own person, and she’s still growing into who she’s going to be.

North West holds up a sliced yet intact spiral of cucumber.
North West holds up her sliced spiral of cucumber and marvels at her creation. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Also? Like we said, North is good at this.

She’s better at making hand-rolled sushi than most of the show’s viewers.

Like, most of the show’s adult viewers. Part of that is opportunity (again, it takes time and supplies to learn), but part of that is passion. She’s developing real skills.

North West holds up a roll of sushi that she just rolled herself.
As The Kardashians viewers can see, North West is better at hand-rolling sushi than most adult viewers are. (Image Credit: Hulu)

But while North has me craving eel avocado rolls and Alaska rolls (I am going to dream about sushi tonight and wake up hangry), Kim is being more serious.

Speaking to the confessional camera, she talks about her bond with North.

And she says that North is her “lesson.”

Kim Kardashian sits on the confessional couch. The subtitles read: "What does that mean, she's your lesson?"
Speaking to the confessional camera, Kim Kardashian explains what she means by her eldest daughter being her lesson in life. (Image Credit: Hulu)

“North is really special and smart and creative and definitely beats to her own drum,” Kim describes.

“Her personality is really, really silly,” she characterizes.

“It’s so interesting because her temperament as a child is the same now,” Kim notes. “You definitely just come out your own person.”

North West faces away from the camera in the foreground while facing her mother, who sits in the distance on this screenshot from The Kardashians.
Kim Kardashian relaxes and unwinds while North West remains in the kitchen. (Image Credit: Hulu)

“Kourtney always says North is my lesson on this planet,” Kim tells the camera.

“It means I’m supposed to learn more patience,” she says. “She teaches me patience.”

Praising her eldest child, Kim notes: “She has taught me a lot about life.”


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