Trouble in paradise? Morgan Wade seems to have cut ties with Kyle Richards.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kyle spent her birthday ring-shopping with Morgan.

Now, the (perhaps former) gal pals seem to be on the outs — with Morgan making a public show of her feelings.

RHOBH fans are already cracking jokes. But everyone’s wondering exactly what went down.

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade on a couch.
In addition to filming a music video together, Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards discussed their friendship and more behind-the-scenes. (Image Credit: Morgan Wade/YouTube)

Are Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards … okay?

On Tuesday, January 30, fans of singer Morgan Wade and of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards did a double take.

Morgan Wade’s Instagram page now shows no traces of Kyle. None of their selfies together, none of their girls trip vacations.

Instead, she’s running a couple of promos for upcoming music projects — her Spring 2024 tour and a guest appearance at Alanis Morissette’s tour.

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards look at each other.
Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards meet up to discuss tattoos. (Image Credit: Bravo)

No need to panic … right?

As many fans quickly pointed out, Morgan is promoting music. So she could be doing what Zendaya recently did, and doing a bit of an Instagram purge to call attention to her work.

But Morgan isn’t the only one who’s cleaning house.

Kyle Richards reacts, her mouth agape.
One of the keys to Kyle Richards’ long-term reality TV success has been her expressiveness. She gives good face. (Bravo)

Kyle did a little purging of her own

See, Kyle Richards’ own Instagram is showing no sign of Morgan Wade. Not a recent one, anyway — the most “current” pic of Morgan dates back to last summer.

These two have been as thick as thieves for months, and Kyle isn’t exactly a person who forgets to upload selfies. And she doesn’t have a music tour to promote.

We suppose that it’s possible that Meta Zucked things up in a really specific way. But it sure looks like Kyle and Morgan purged each other from their Instagram galleries.

Morgan Wade receives a tattoo that seems to be very meaningful during the Season 13 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Naturally, the jokes have been flying on social media.

People have made quips about canceling a U-Haul … a joke that implies that Kyle and Morgan were in a sexual relationship, and relies upon stereotypes about relationships between women.

Of course, even if moving in together after Mauricio is out of the question, it’s easier to call off a U-Haul than it is to remove a tattoo.

Kyle Richards in a Season 13 promo of RHOBH.
After what was clearly a stressful time, Kyle Richards cries during the Season 13 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Maybe Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards’ fans don’t need to panic?

At present, Kyle and Morgan still follow each other on Instagram.

That’s something. If you hate someone, if you’ve broken off your friendship (or whatever), you follow them from a burner account, not from your real one.

While they haven’t chosen to explain their photo purges, it’s conceivable that Morgan is promoting music, and that Kyle is playing along to help bring attention to her music career.

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards sit side-by-side.
Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards talk behind the scenes about how they first met. (Image Credit: Morgan Wade/YouTube)

Still, some speculate that Kyle used Morgan and their close friendship to stir sexuality speculation and give herself a storyline.

Those same fans then wonder if Morgan grew fatigued with Kyle using her to essentially queerbait viewers. (That said, actual people cannot queerbait — not Harry Styles and not Kyle Richards. Queerbaiting is a specific thing and it’s about fiction, not real lives)

We of course hope that Kyle and Morgan are doing just fine … however they choose to define their friendship these days.

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