Married At First Sight gave Michael Shiakallis a second chance at marriage but it certainly wasn’t the charm as he said no on decision day. The rest of the cast is still hanging around for some reason. Lauren goes off at Orion Martzloff yet again at a group happy hour. And Becca Haley gathers the other women for a boudoir photography shoot. Let’s toast to the end of this Denver season of doom in this recap of Season 17, Episode 23 Second Times the Charm?

Married At First Sight: Michael Shiakallis Just Says No on Decision Day

Michael Shiakallis definitely has doubts going into decision day. He’s admitted to Chloe Brown he’s questioning the marriage. He claims he’s been independent for so long it’s hard to imagine life any other way. Especially after finding out Chloe Brown’s future dreams include 5 foster kids and a farm full of special needs goats. He tells a friend his fears over drinks. But the pal suggests he keep an open mind.

This is Michael Shiakallis’s second try on Married At First Sight. His first match left as soon as they got to the altar. But he accepted an opportunity to try again. And along came Chloe. Who he clearly enjoys spending time with. But he’s just not sure if he has it in him to scale down his clothing budget and cohabitate with troubled teens. Chloe senses his hesitation. And books a cabin for a final retreat to bring the romance back.

Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown agree not to make a decision until they are in front of the experts. The day arrives and the experts chew the fat about this last chance couple. Who will decide if this season goes a dismal 0 and 5. Chloe is all love and light and as Michael admits over the top empathy. She clutches his hand and says she’ll go on. But Michael Shiakallis just can’t go through with it. And politely declines to stay married as Pastor Cal Roberson rolls his eyes in the agony of defeat.

MAFS Cast Hangs Out at Happy Hour

This season of Married At First Sight hasn’t yielded a single successful marriage. But the gang keeps getting together to rehash what went wrong. Over martinis at a local watering hole, tensions rise when Orion Martzloff suggests he was over Lauren on day two. But Lauren rips into him suggesting otherwise. She’s tired of his push and pull games and puts him in his place. Orion is outnumbered by the girls and issues another weak apology.

Becca Haley gets sad being face to face with Austin at the bar. She gets a little weepy and admits it’s hard to see him again since she still has some feelings. Emily Balch gives her theory that the guys this season decided everything. And didn’t give the marriages a fighting chance. Austin disagrees and says he was all in even though the marriage didn’t work out.

Married At First Sight: The Girls Gather for a Lingerie Photo Shoot

Becca Haley consults her therapist after the night at the bar. She admits she still wanted to kiss Austin when she saw him. But knows that she needs someone who will make honesty and her feelings a priority. The therapist suggests she continue her own path and her passion for empowering other women. Since Becca is a photographer, she decides it would be fun to gather her fellow MAFS brides for a boudoir photo shoot.

Even for Lifetime, the photo shoot is a little cheesy. Becca wants everybody to admit an insecurity as well as their favorite parts of themselves before snapping pics of them in lingerie. Emily Balch likes her overall shape but not her hips. She finds her stride once the camera starts clicking and seems comfortable. Clare Kerr is a little more modest in her lingerie selection. Lauren sometimes doubts her backside but loves the skin she’s in. And Becca isn’t shy to be on the other side of the camera. Next up: Reunion!

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