It’s 2024. What is Mama June Shannon’s net worth?

Infamously, June spent a fortune on drugs during her downward spiral just a few years ago. She lost everything, and her family is still paying the price.

Now, with the support of family and of course of her WEtv show that returns very soon, she’s picking up the pieces.

Her current legal battle sheds light on her income and property. Finally, fans have insight into her long road to financial recovery.

June Shannon on TV
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: WEtv)

In 2019, Mama June lost (almost) everything

June Shannon previously had a spacious upper middle class home and an estimated net worth of over $1 million.

This wealth primarily came from her years on TLC and her more recent role on WEtv, when the show was still called Mama June: From Not To Hot.

However, spending it all on a drug-fueled bender that spanned many months saw her lose her fortune and her house. Truth be told, many fans feared that she would also lose her life.

June Shannon Breaks Down
June Shannon breaks down over the results of her positive drug test in a 2020 clip. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Despite the damage to the interior and exterior of her house, someone purchased it. June quickly spent the money.

She and then-boyfriend Geno Doak finally get clean in early 2020. They ended their bender, contacted production, and went to rehab.

June’s road to recovery for her health and personal relationships has not been easy. But her financial recovery may ultimately take even longer.

A screenshot of June Shannon giving an interview.
Mama June Shannon has given numerous interviews about the downward spiral that turned her life upside down. (Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight Canada)

What is Mama June Shannon’s net worth in 2024?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mama June Shannon’s net worth is an estimated $50,000.

Online net worth estimates can be dicey, particularly for character actors and reality TV personalities who don’t have Forbes writeups.

However, looking into how June gets her money — and how much she brings in — can help figure out how accurate this is.

June Shannon on television
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: TLC)

Net worth is the sum total of someone’s estimated financial value. We say estimated because the value of someone’s possessions or investments can fluctuate wildly.

In theory, June’s net worth is the value of all of the property that she owns, all of her investments, and all of her liquid currency (cash in the bank) … minus whatever debts she owes.

Almost anyone who owns a house (and many people who own a nicer car) might have a net worth higher than June’s … unless they are grappling with debts.

June Shannon Looks Odd
June Shannon was already making questionable choices long before her 2019 downward spiral. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Recently, June became embroiled in a custody battle

Last year, June’s eldest daughter, Anna Cardwell, tragically died after a cancer battle. The adrenal carcinoma left her two daughters without a living mother.

One went to live with her biological father. The other went to live with June — but her sister’s father is fighting in court to have both girls live with him.

June is fighting back. But that is not the custody battle that revealed June’s income.

A tearful Alana Thompson confronts a family member.
In distress, Alana Thompson confronts her mother. (Image Credit: WEtv)

During June’s downward spiral, she lost custody of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

Alana is now 18 and has accused June of stealing money from her. Notably, in 2019, June lost access to Alana’s accounts — but, according to her youngest daughter, this protective measure only came after the theft.

On this season of Mama June: Family Crisis, June will continue to face the fallout from this betrayal of her loved ones.

Mama June: Family Crisis will be full of bittersweet moments when it premieres on February 9, 2024.

What is Mama June Shannon’s income?

According to a report by In Touch Weekly, the custody battle over Alana Thompson revealed that June’s “only certain income is disability.”

That is what the court documents indicate. Disability (June is nearly blind) brings in just over $1,000 each month … which is truly not enough for someone to live.

However, The court documents also revealed that June brings in $25,000 per month — or, at least, that she did at the time.

Mama June Shannon argues with family.
According to Mama June Shannon, she did not “steal” from family. Not everyone in her family agrees. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Disability income comes with significant means testing and some downright cruel caveats.

However, the system does function in such a way that someone on disability can experience a temporary windfall — such as a lawsuit — without losing their income. It’s complex, but it happens.

But according to court documents, June was making $24k from various sources in 2019. Where did it all come from?

June Shannon Wants a Kiss
June Shannon wants a kiss from Geno Doak. But he doesn’t want to provide her with one. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Where does Mama June Shannon get her money?

It is likely that a lot of June’s income stems from her WEtv series. Since 2019, the show has gone through multiple renames, including Mama June: Road to Redemption and Mama June: Family Crisis.

However, she has a number of other revenue streams. Obviously, one is Instagram ads and endorsements.

June has a line of merchandise. With her platform and the volume of her fans, it’s likely that this pays out a pretty penny.

June Shannon appears unhappy on Mama June: Family Crisis.
Mama June Shannon clearly doesn’t like what she’s hearing on Mama June: Family Crisis. (Image Credit: WEtv)

One major earner for June is likely her Cameo account.

June uses this service to record custom videos for paying fans. Many people use these as gifts or pranks to friends and family.

Mama June charges $90 for one short video. She could easily make well over $1,000 in Cameo videos in an hour.

June Shannon Chats
June Shannon features in a confessional from season two of her oddly popular reality series. (Image Credit: WEtv)

We shouldn’t forget Mama June: Family Crisis. All of June’s suffering and mishaps and drama can sometimes pay off — literally.

Even without knowing how much June makes per episode, it’s likely a tidy sum. No matter what has changed since 2019, she has to be doing okay with reality paychecks.

The next season of Mama June: Family Crisis premieres on February 9, 2024. That show will continue to help her to market herself on Instagram and Cameo and beyond, too.


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