The Mama June: Family Crisis season is winding down. With just two more episodes left June Shannon is running out of time to convince Lauryn Efird, Jessica Shannon and Alana Thompson that her intentions to reconcile with them are true. As much as they want to trust that their mother is being honest. However, they can’t help but remain suspicious, especially when she reverts back to her old sneaky ways.

Mama June: Family Crisis – June Shannon Caught Off Guard After Daughter Lauryn Efird Calls Her Out

June is desperate. She is running out of time during their family therapy weekend. The Mama June: Family Crisis star knows that if she fails to win her daughters over now, she will likely lose them forever.

As a mother, she is under a lot of pressure. She says she longs to be a part of her daughters’ lives. She says she has done and said just about everything she can think of to reconcile with them. But so far they are keeping their guard up.

Mama June: Family Crisis - Mama June Shannon - Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efird
June Shannon – Lauryn Efird | WEtv

Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird calls all the shots. She is in her sisters Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson and Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon’s heads. She knows if she can break Pumpkin, then the others will follow.

When she arrives for breakfast during the retreat, she hears her three daughters talking and laughing in the kitchen. She wants to be a part of their inner circle. But, Lauryn calls her mom out for arriving late.

Pumpkin, Chubbs & Honey Boo Boo’s Reaction Worries WEtv Mom

The Mama June: Family Crisis matriarch is taken aback by Pumpkin putting her on the spot. So she does what she usually does. She arrives with gifts in hand and tells her daughters she is late.

But she comes, ‘bearing gifts’ for them. Jessica, Alana, and Lauryn all look confused. So Lauryn speaks out to her mother and reminds her that she is not supposed to ‘buy their love’.

The TLC reality star doesn’t know how to react to Pumpkin’s statement. So, when she tries to respond she gets tongue-tied and stumbles over her words which renders her somewhat speechless. This is not the first time she has been accused of trying to buy her daughter’s affection, especially when it comes to Alana.

But Lauryn and her sisters have discussed this before. They have decided to stand firm and remain united when it comes to buying into her bribery tactics.

The daughters don’t want their mother’s gifts. They feel they have been very clear that they need her honesty. If they can’t regain their trust in The Mama June: Family Crisis star, they will never repair their damaged relationships.

Family Crisis: Is June Trying Too Hard?

Some TLC viewers feel that Mama June Shannon is trying too hard and too fast to rebuild their broken family. Even though she has been reportedly sober for three years.

It will take a lot of time and healing before Alana, Jessica, and Lauryn feel confident enough to come back around completely. There are a lot of wounds to heal for them all.

Others feel that she is going above and beyond to prove herself to her children. Things are moving along, but at a slower pace than she wants. Many fans believe that she is only concerned with rushing this reconciliation in order to convince her daughters to participate in her upcoming wedding ceremony.

If this is what the Mama June: Family Crisis star’s ulterior motive behind the reconciliation is, she may lose her family for good. She is out of chances. One more screw-up with her family could be the biggest mistake of her life.

So, her viewers hope she intends on maintaining a healthy mother/daughter relationship with her girls. Even after the wedding ceremony comes and goes. If she doesn’t stay true to her word, it is game over for her and her daughters once and for all.

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