Mama June: Family Crisis star June Shannon is finally making positive headway with her daughters, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird, Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon, and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. She has put in a lot of time and effort and it looks like it is paying off. However, WEtv fans know that she is never happy until she gets her way. But this time her pushy attitude may just ruin everything she has worked for.

Mama June: Family Crisis – The Old June Shannon Returns and Destroys Happy Family Outing

The family therapy retreat weekend turned out surprisingly better than daughters Jessica, Alana, and Lauryn thought it would. The Mama June: Family Crisis family worked through a lot of painful feelings, and it seemed like they could be on their way to the reconciliation that they have all longed for.

Since the weekend was a success, she convinces Pumpkin, and her sisters into another family outing. She also wants to see her grandchildren.

Lauryn agrees to a family get-together at a local park. She tells her mother she can visit with the kids there. It is not quite what Mama had in mind, but she understands it is all about baby steps, so she will take what she can get.

Things are going well, and the Mama June: Family Crisis family enjoys their time together. However, she gets a little too overconfident.

When she and her oldest granddaughter Ella Efird gets some time alone together, she asks Ella to be the flower girl at her wedding. Ella is all excited about it. Except there is one huge problem. She failed to mention this to Lauryn before talking to Ella.

Mama June: Lauryn’s High Hopes Are Shattered

During their therapy session, Pumpkin sees a change in their mom. She agrees to another outing because she feels her mother may have really changed.

She starts to think things could be different. But the Mama June: Family Crisis daughter’s high hopes are shattered once she discovers that her overbearing Mama has returned.

When Ella tells Lauryn that she will be the flower girl, all bets are off. Pumpkin immediately loses her temper. She is furious that Mama June has overstepped again because when she thought things might be different.

Pumpkin tells her sisters to pack up her kids because they are leaving. Mama looks confused and hurt by what’s happening. But Lauryn tells her she knows exactly what she did, and it was not acceptable for her to talk to Ella about this behind her back.

Not only is Pumpkin upset by her actions, but she also knows her husband Josh Efird will not be happy about this.

Family Crisis: Did June Blow Her Last Chance?

Josh and Lauryn’s marriage has suffered due to all the drama over the years brought on by the Mama June: Family Crisis matriarch. He will not like what she has done now. Her daughters can’t believe that she would risk destroying the progress they have made.

Her spouse Justin Stroud warned her to tread lightly. He reminded her this would likely be her last chance to make amends. But now she may have blown everything. Tune in next Friday for the season finale of Mama June: Family Crisis to see how this all plays out.

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