Mama June: Family Crisis star Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson can’t catch a break. Just when everything in her life was finally falling into place, the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star gets hit with more family drama. The teen is now dealing with another family member who is struggling with drug addiction. This time it is her estranged father Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson.

Mama June: Family Crisis – Alana Thompson’s Dad Mike Thompson Seeks Addiction Help

Alana Thompson thought she was finally moving past all the drug addiction drama in her life. She felt she could put all the crazy drug addiction drama behind her. Her mom, Mama June Shannon appears to have a handle on her addiction issues after several years of struggle. She has even made progress in reconciling with her family members, especially Alana.

Mama June: Family Crisis - Alana Thompson - Mike Thompson
Alana ‘ Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson – Mike ‘ Sugar Bear’ Thompson | WEtv

Now the reality star is dealing with more drug addiction problems with her father, Sugar Bear. New reports say that Mike has reached out to another reality star, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and NBA star Lamar Odom.

He is said to have contacted Lamar for help. He will check into Odom’s Gold Bridge Treatment Center in Louisburg, Kansas sometime on Thursday.

Sugar Bear can expect to pay anywhere from $629 for noninsured patients per day to $125 based on the average insurance coverage for a 30-day stay.

Sugar Bear’s Downfall on WEtv

The Mama June: Family Crisis daughter Alana’s dad’s prescription pill addiction began during his diabetes treatment. He also suffers from severe anxiety and depression.

She has not seen her father for some time now. Fans noticed that Sugar Bear was absent from Honey Boo Boo’s recent high school graduation ceremony and celebrations.

There are few details available concerning Sugar Bear and Honey Boo Boo’s estranged relationship. In 2018, Alana states that she was upset with her father. She said she hasn’t been seeing him much and wished he would phone and visit more than once a month.

This estrangement comes four years after he admitted to his then-partner, June Shannon that he cheated on her with men. The shocking announcement became public during the former couple’s stint on Marriage Boot Camp. Since then, numerous relationships and health issues leading to drug addiction.

Mama June: Family Crisis – Alana Gets Her Life Together

Fans say Alana Thompson has become a strong young woman over the years. She has faced adversity at a young age. Not only has she dealt with her mother’s addiction, but she also suffered through a difficult period with her own mental health.

She is also helping her oldest sister Anna Cardwell through her battle with stage four adrenal cancer.

Mama June: Family Crisis - Alana Thompson
Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson | Instagram

Even with all of that, things are looking up for her. She has a strong relationship with her longtime boyfriend Dralin Carswell. She has also graduated high school and is preparing to continue her education by studying to become a neonatal nurse.

It hasn’t always been easy for her. However, she says she is making the most of her life. She has learned a lot from dealing with her family’s drama and plans to steer clear of her parents’ poor decisions.

As for her relationship with her father Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson, she hopes to one day repair her relationship with him as well. But, for now, the Mama June: Family Crisis star Alana Thompson wishes him nothing but the best. She also hopes that rehab will help her dad shake his prescription pill addiction.

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