Love During Lockup Season 5 returns to WEtv on July 21. Fans are already labeling Jade Chipps and her inmate husband, Chris Chipps one of the most interesting couples, so far. Their love story has everything you would expect from a prison romance, including love, lust, and some bizarre twists.

Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps Whirlwind Marriage to Chris Chipps

Jade Chipps is a former flight attendant who met the man of her dreams and husband Chris Chipps while looking through an inmate pen pal site. He is a Native American and tribe member of the Prairie Island Indian Community located in Minnesota. He is also a shareholder in his tribe’s very lucrative casino.

Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps
Jade Chipps | WEtv

After only seven months of dating the two decided to marry. The Love During Lockup star says she had no idea that he had money when they first got together. The couple have been married since 2018 and has built quite an online following for themselves on TikTok.

Chris Chipps has trust issues with Jade. So, to prove her commitment to him, she has gone above and beyond. Not only does she have a few tattoos on her person dedicated to her husband. She has some strange ways to make him feel special and appreciated.

WEtv Wife Uses Bizarre Tactics to Make Inmate Chris Feel Special

Jade Chipps of Love During Lockup shared with her followers in 2021, that in order to make him feel the love she had a life-size cardboard cutout of him made. Over the years she has posted many videos showing her interacting with cardboard Chris in the pool, pretending to feed him, and much more.


An oldie but goodie 💅🏻 yes I’m in love with a cardboard cut out 🥵 #macysownyourstyle #AerieREAL #prisonwife

♬ Low (feat. T-Pain) – Flo Rida

She says she needed a way to ensure he always felt included in her life, even though he couldn’t be there. As time passes, she admits she took her obsession further adding to her collection. She also owns a bathing suit with his face printed on it as well as pillows and a sexy onesie she wears when she wants to feel extra close to him.

According to the South Dakota Department of Corrections website, the felon was sentenced to 30 years in prison for burglary and identity theft. His initial parole date is scheduled for June 30, 2025. However, she tells her followers that her husband will be released in 2024.

Love During Lockup: Jade Turned on By Husband’s Bank Account?

On Season 5, WEtv fans will follow Chris Chipps and Jade’s bizarre obsession with each other. Since their marriage, he has developed a few trust issues concerning his wife. He feels she should be available to him around the clock. So, when she gets busy and fails to answer his many calls every day, he begins to panic. The inmate feels she may be up to no good.

He says that his Love During Lockup wife is partying too much with her friends, which is a problem. He doesn’t like how it makes him feel. Through video chats and in-person prison visits, they have maintained constant communication since their marriage.

However, there are many things they have yet to do together. One being to consummate their marriage. Which leads him to worry about her fidelity.

Jade loves living the luxurious lifestyle that marrying Love During Lockup‘s Chris has provided her with. But her actions cause tension in her marriage and with her family. Especially her sister who wonders if she is really that into him, or if it is his bank account that does it for her.

The drama between Jade Chipps and Chris Chipps is starting to escalate, and if things don’t change soon, this prison marriage may be over before it has a chance to start.

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