Love During Lockup former officer Andy was about to give up on love altogether, until he meets the bad girl of his dreams, Brittney. He has a lot of explaining to do about this relationship. Neither his, nor her family members are thrilled about their budding romance. So they each have a lot of explaining to do, especially Andy.

Love During Lockup: Former Police Officer Andy Falls Hard for Prisoner Brittney

New reality television couple former police officer Andy and his inmate partner Brittney are having a tough start. He wants to find true love. He has not had the best luck so far. However, he hopes to change all of that now that he met his soulmate. But it will not be easy for either of them.

Most relationships are challenging enough, but when two people add on the stress and drama that comes from one of them being imprisoned, it tends to become impossible at times for even the most secure couples. This holds especially true for Love During Lockup‘s Rome, Georgia resident.

They met on a prison pen pal website and was immediately intrigued by her. He hasn’t let the fact that she is currently incarcerated deter him from building a loving relationship with her.

Despite him being a former cop, and she a current con, he remains determined to make things work between them. But if his children have any say in the matter, that could all change very soon.

Brittney Accuses WEtv Partner Of Lying & Cheating

Love During Lockup inmate Brittney struggles with their relationship. She feels insecure. Even though he claims to love her, she can’t shake the feeling he is not being honest with her. She knows their current situation is a real challenge for them.

During the WEtv sneak peek video, Andy is on the phone with her. She accuses him of lying to her and reminds him that honesty is the number one priority in their relationship.

The video does not reveal why she believes he has lied to her, but he is furious. The clip jumps to Andy kicking over trashcans and smashing glass bottles due to their heated argument.

Love During Lockup: Andy Sacrifices Everything for Love

Andy retired from the police force before he and Brittney joined the cast. Even though he is no longer with the force, He says he feels judged by everyone. Their family members are unhappy about it. However, it is his children that cause him the most grief.

He has attempted to explain his feelings for Brittney to their family members. But his kids refuse to budge. They feel embarrassed over their dad the cop hooking up with a criminal. When they see they are not getting through to him, they take a more drastic approach. They issue an ultimatum telling their father to choose between them and Brittney.

Andy hates everything about this. When the Love During Lockup inmate finds out her family and his kids are against them, it makes things even harder for them. But he refuses to give up on what could be his last chance at love. He can’t believe his children would force him to choose.

He doesn’t like his kids being so pushy. So, he tells them that if they continue to force him to choose, they may not like his decision. The drama between Andy and Brittney continues to mount, and decision time is nearing. The Love During Lockup cast member hopes when he chooses, he makes the right choice.

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