Kate Gosselin didn’t win any Mother of the Year awards when she starred in her TLC reality show, Kate Plus 8. She wasn’t even nominated back in the day, despite running around after eight pre-schoolers in Jon & Kate Plus 8. But after what Collin Gosselin reveals, the chances of any parenting award as a mother today with adult kids may look pretty slim.

Kate Gosselin: Mothering Tactics Made Headlines

Kate Gosselin was among some of the first reality stars to grace the TV screen. When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first aired, people tuned in with the hope of seeing how these two ran a household with so many little kids.

But something else happened. Kate wasn’t just a cookie-baking mother. No, she had some quirks that left her wide open for debates online concerning her parenting tactics.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

As anyone might imagine, eight small children underfoot could be exhausting. This was a reality show, so it filmed these moments of exhaustion. But when Kate’s temper kicked in, the cameras were there to catch these scenes on film.

Soon Kate Gosselin made headlines for her temper and fans tuned in to see more than those precious eight kids in everyday life. Instead, Kate became the draw, as it didn’t seem to take much to get her frazzled.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Rhymed, But There Was No Harmony

Living their daily life, with cameras in tow, became stressful for the family, especially Jon Gosselin. He was ready to throw in the towel on TV stardom not long after the show started.

All Jon wanted was a normal childhood for his kids. So that meant quitting the show. But Kate Gosselin wouldn’t hear of it and, well… the rest is history. They divorced, and she turned her life into the Kate Plus 8 show.

Since she had all the kids living with her, the show went on, despite Jon’s objections about the kids needing a normal childhood. There were many incidents of Kate screaming at her kids.

Collin Gosselin recently said in an interview, that his mom is “very controlling” and becomes “determined” to get what she wants. He also said that he believes the family’s TV series contributed to the demise of their family.

Collin Gosselin’s Latest Accusations About His Mom

Collin is one of the famous Gosselin sextuplets. He is 19 years old, which makes him old enough today to decide where and when he might agree to appear on TV.

Kate Gosselin had this son admitted into a behavioral health institute several years back. She said he had special needs for behavioral problems. Collin said he wasn’t a “perfect child” but he believed that, “my misbehaving was no different than my siblings.”

Kate Plus 8 - Kate Gosselin

His dad came and got him after Collin requested to live with Jon Gosselin. By all reports, things have been fine since he moved in with his dad. Jon also has Hannah Gosselin, another one of the sextuplets, living with him.

But now in a new interview, Collin described some of the latest behaviors from his mom, Kate Gosselin. Back in 2022, he was in a “near-fatal car crash” but he never heard from his mother or his six siblings who lived with her.

He blames Kate Gosselin for his siblings ignoring him. Her son said, “I think my mom kind of drove a social barrier between us.” Collin also said he thinks his mother gave his siblings her perspective on things and that’s what they go by.

So, it sounded as if this teen thought his mother might reach out to him after that car crash. But according to him, she didn’t. So, that’s the latest on Kate Gosselin as told by her son, Collin Gosselin.

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