Though she long ago cut ties with her parents, in some ways, Jill Duggar’s lifestyle is not all that different from one the one she was raised with.

Yes, Jill’s not nearly as strict a parent as her folks were, but her day-to-day life is still rooted in the principles of evangelical Christianity, political conservatism, and the the dietary choices of the American heartland.

In other words, you can take the girl off the Duggar compound, but you can’t take the half a cow’s worth of ground beef out of her fridge.

Okay, we’re exaggerating a little, but the Duggars really like their meat!

Jill recently cooked up a whole lot of beef for her family. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Case in point: Jill posted an Instagram Story this week in which she cooked up ten pounds of beef that was gifted to her from a rancher friend who had recently butchered a cow.

So we guess Jill is a meal-prepper, which is better than being a doomsday prepper, as so many members of her family seem to be.

Jill’s frugality has earned her praise from fans, but another parenting decision she made this week resulted in some surprisingly harsh criticism.

Jill Duggar shared a rare photo of her youngest son in July of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

On Monday, Jill posted the photo above, which featured a rare glimpse of her youngest son, Frederick.

“I’ve been so busy with the book, some travel and other life happenings that I haven’t been able to get out into the garden as much as I have wanted to!” she started off her Instagram caption.

“This morning though…I strapped the babe to my back, set myself a timer (because it’s helpful for me to have a goal & not to just stay out there forever when I want to but have other things to get done) & with a podcast going from my phone in my pocket, I was able to harvest some okra & tomatoes before the thunderstorm came,” she added.

Jill Duggar looks pretty pleased with life while holding this cute bunny. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

For the most part, fans were happy to catch a glimpse of the boy’s head (Jill doesn’t post pics of her kids’ faces), but some commenters gave Jill a hard time for putting a hat on him.

“Should the baby have a hat on?” one person asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Come on Honestly I’m a nurse and you need to have hats on babies while in the sun! I’m not a hater I’m just stating facts!” another wrote.

Jill shared this photo of baby Frederick in the summer of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I was thinking about a hat too. Even it’s it just for a few minutes out in the sun, a hat or cap is handy. It not a big deal. He might even pull it off, but it’s worth a try,” a third chimed in

“Baby needs a hat! Skin cancer is real,” a fourth commented.

“Nothing better then being strapped in a hot baby carrier in your mom’s back so many other options for babies to be in shade outside and safe then that,” yet another remarked.

Jill Duggar is preparing to publish her debut memoir. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

You get the idea.

Sure, Jill probably should have covered the kid’s noggin, but hey, that probably won’t be the worst parenting mistake you’ll see online today.

And that’s especially true if you happen to follow her parents!


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