Jennifer Nettles is host of Farmer Wants a Wife, and the best way to describe the dating competition show on Fox is succinct but to the point: It’s Yellowstone meets dating.

The GRAMMY-winning Sugarland singer emphatically agrees when ET’s Cassie DiLaura made the comparison about the dating competition show she’s hosting. The show’s second season premieres on Thursday, and Nettles says “yes” when informed that fans are making the Yellowstone connection.

“I say, ‘Ding, ding, ding, ding.’ You’re exactly right. I mean, it is a show that really, in terms of lifestyle, the farming lifestyle that is the heartland of this country and the heartbeat of this country in terms of feeding us and what they provide,” Nettles tells ET. “So, it’s definitely that Yellowstone [vibe]. I mean the beautiful places [where] these farmers live and where they work. It’s just like, yeah, it is Yellowstone meets dating.”

Originally premiering in the U.K. in 2001, the original Farmer Wants a Wife has aired in 35 countries and resulted in 180 marriages and over 400 children. Farmer Wants a Wife follows four farmers who’ve finished sowing their wild oats and are ready to settle down with a wife. There are 32 single women who will not only try to find love but adapt to the remote environment.

“We have a farmer who is super, super remote,” Nettles says. “So, for these ladies to come — some of them from cities or L.A. or whatever — maybe find themselves, like, ‘There’s nothing here! Where can we go to get something to eat? The kitchen?!'”

This season’s eligible bachelors include Ty Ferrell, 42, Brandon Rogers, 29, Mitchell Kolinsky, 27, and Nathan Smothers, 23.

Nettles says she’s actually not a fan of dating shows, and she was worried about women signing up for the wrong reasons.

“I’m not a fan of dating shows in particular. I don’t necessarily watch them and so I didn’t want this to be like a bunch of influencers who are trying to get their 15 seconds [of fame],” she said. “When I started to learn more about the show, this [felt] real, this is authentic. These are real people who are looking to really find love, and it’s endearing and it’s heartwarming.”

Season 2 of Farmer Wants a Wife premieres Thursday on Fox.


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