This is just so very, very sad.

And also so very, very troubling.

According to our friends at The Ashley, Jace Evans ran away from his grandmother’s home late last week… just over a month since he did the same while living with his mother, Jenelle, and her husband, David Eason.

Jace Evans, Jenelle Evans
Jace Evans forces a smile while posing here alongside his infamous mother. (Instagram)

As you may recall, the 14-year old was reported missing THREE times this past summer/late fall, allegedly escaping out a window the third and final time before being discovered by local North Carolina authorities.

He told police at the time that Eason had assaulted him.

Eason was then arrested on a misdemeanor child abuse charge.

Since then, Jace had been living with Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mother and the woman who raised him throughout most of his childhood.

Jenelle hasn’t spoken to her son since September 28.

Jenelle and Jace Evans picture
Jenelle Evans posted this pic to celebrate her son’s birthday in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

HOWEVER, a resident of the North Carolina town in which Barbara resides emailed The Ashley on Saturday and said Jace had run away from the house.

“Cops have advised us in the neighborhood to keep an eye out for him,” this neighbor said in the email. “Apparently he has been gone for almost two days.”

Perhaps just as a disturbing as Jace once again fleeing from a home?

Eason shared a “Where’s Waldo” post a few days ago… while Jenelle uploaded a meme (below) with the caption “When the weapons formed against you ain’t prospering,” along with, “Hell yessssss, if you only knew.”

In other words?

They responded to Jace going missing by TAUNTING BARBARA AND MAKING LIGHT OF THE SITUATION.


Jace was found by the cops on Sunday, The Ashley reports.

A source says he was hurt by some of Jenelle’s recent social media posts, which has included a staunch defense of Eason, along with little concern being shown for her oldest child.


“Jace wasn’t able to get on his proper medications while he was at Barbara’s, due to Jenelle still having the power to deny him access to certain meds,” an insider tells The Ashley, adding that a number of therapists wouldn’t take Jace on as a client because they didn’t want to deal with the “wrath of David and Jenelle.”

Indeed, a recent Google review left by Eason accuses a doctor of trying to “brainwash your child into thinking they have mental issues in order to keep them coming back for medication.”

Jenelle Evans touches David Eason
Jenelle Evans sits next to David Eason for this car ride. (TikTok)

This is especially unfortunate and ironic because Jenelle has said on numerous occasions that Jace has “mental health” issues.

You would hope she would insist he receive professional help if this were the case.

At this point, the most important thing — heck, the only important thing amid such a chaotic and depressing mess — is the future of Jace Evans.

The Ashley writes that he will no longer be living with his grandmother and Child Protective Services has said he cannot go back to Jenelle’s house.

We don’t know for certain where he is at the moment or where he’ll be living long-term or even short-term.

We can only hope and pray he’s doing okay.



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