Farmer Wants A Wife is back for season 2 and one single lady has already fled the farm after a flubbed first meeting with farmer Ty Ferrell. Host Jennifer Nettles returns to play matchmaker to 4 new farmers and the ladies who will vie for a place in their hearts and their homes. Saddle up and let’s take a closer look in this recap of Season 2, Episode 1 Meet The New Farmers.

Farmer Wants a Wife: Farmer Ty Ferrell Can’t Rope in Christine

On Farmer Wants a Wife, new farmer Ty Ferrell has an awkward first meeting with city girl Christine. She asked him what turns him on and it made him sweat. She decided to run for the hills after that because she just didn’t think they would be right for each other. Ty is the oldest of the four farmers looking for love on the range. He’s also a single dad. He was gracious when Christine said goodbye. No worries though because he has plenty of other ladies eager to meet him.

Missing from this first episode was a breakout star among the single ladies like last season’s Cassidy Jo Jacks. The ladies go wild when host Jennifer Nettles gives the stats on how successful the show is worldwide. There have been 200 marriages and 500 children resulting from matches made on Farmer Wants A Wife. There is no shortage of flirty dresses, cowboy boots, white teeth and long wavy hair among the 32 women competing for a rancher’s hand in marriage.

Meet the New Farmers

Farmer Nathan Smothers is a fourth-generation citrus and cattle farmer. He’s young, (only 23) but grew up fast after his father died when he was 12. So, he’s ready to settle down and start a family on Farmer Wants A Wife. Nathan seemed to spark with Makenzie Wayman, a registered nurse. Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky is a first generation farmer. He definitely hit it off with Sydney Errera, a construction worker who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Farmer Wants A Wife host Jennifer Nettles finds potato and barley farmer Brandon Rogers adorable. He’s a little shy at first but definitely makes a good impression on the ladies he meets. Even dancing with Annellyse Munroe, one of the ladies he chose to come back to the farm. He definitely connected with Reba, a single mom. He chose Reba to join him on the first one on one date.

Farmer Nathan chose Makenzie to accompany him on the first one on one date. Ty Ferrell chose Melody, a traveling nurse for his first date. Farmer Mitchell chose Kiana, a dog trainer from Los Angeles. So, it should be interesting to see how the ladies fare back at the farms. Till next time!

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