Christine Brown and Meri Brown don’t exactly get along.

This is not a secret.

Late last year, for example, Christine basically declared she was done with Meri forever… considering neither reality star was involved with Kody Brown any longer and therefore the two had no reason to interact.

A short time later, Meri expressed dismay over a secret of hers that Christine spilled to the world.

Christine Brown and Meri Brown
Christine Brown and Meri Brown are featured in this split screen. (TLC)

Despite their non-relationships at this point, however, game still recognizes game.

Christine has now acknowledged that Meri did the right thing in walking away from an unhealthy relationship, and she’s also stated for the record that she’s so very happy Meri has officially moved on.

“I’m just happy for her. So happy for her. That is absolutely awesome,” Christine told People Magazine this week after learning on social media that Meri had a boyfried.

“I’m just thrilled for her to be able to be in a romantic relationship.”

Meri Brown on a Sister Wives episode
Meri Brown opens up here to the TLC cameras. (TLC)

The boyfriend in question is named Amos Andrews — and he does have a questionable past, having been married four times in the past… having filed for bankruptcy… and having once fallen far behind on child support payments.

But Meri appears to be well aware of all these issues.

“It’s just, really, an incredible thing to feel like you are loved more than anybody else,” Christine continued to People, citing her husband and adding:

“David loves me more than anybody else. I love him more than anybody else. It really is a powerful thing to know that you really have your person.”

Christine Brown on TLC with David Woolley
Christine Brown gesture here at David Woolley during his first Sister Wives appearance. (TLC)

Christine, of course, married Woolley this past October.

The spouses gush over each other in public at every opportunity, and Woolley even joined Christine for this very recent chat with People.

“She looks really happy. He looks happy. They both look happy,” he told the outlet of Meri and Amos. “That’s all matters.”

Meri Brown on the new season of Sister Wives
Meri Brown being interviewed during Sister Wives, season 18. (YOUTUBE/TLC)

Meri introduced fans to Amos while celebrating her 53rd birthday this month.

She called her new lover “good looking,” emphasizing that they’ve been dating since October of last year.

“He’s not 6 foot 6, nor is he a pilot, but he loves Christmas almost as much as I do,” Meri went on.

“And we laugh a lot together, both of which are important elements to a relationship!”

Meri Brown on the air on TLC
Meri Brown looks a little bit concerned in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Christine left Kody in November 2021.

Janelle Brown did the same about a year later.

Then, in January 2023, Meri and Kody agreed to terminate their marriage.

All this time later, Christine actually sounds open to a friendship with Meri. Down the road, that is.

“I just think right now I think we’ll just live our own lives separately for right now and just see what happens,” she tells People.

“We’ll just see what happens. Once everything settles down, maybe. Once things settle down, we’ll have to see.”

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