During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Cleo and Christian awoke from their first night together.

All season, a major anxiety for Cleo has been whether Christian will ultimately reject her because she is trans. His past girlfriends have all been cisgender.

However, as they spent their first real day together, that worry seemed to fall by the wayside.

The bigger issue may be whether they are too fundamentally incompatible as people to be in a relationship.


Their first night was … fine? Nothing explosive happened. Not in a good way or a bad way.

Christian tossed and turned a little. There was some kissing and some light spooning.

That’s pretty normal for someone who just got off of a long intercontinental flight. You just need an actual night of sleep.


This was their first time having a morning routine together. In this, they didn’t have the sort of drama that Meisha and Nicola have.

But Cleo has an estrogen gel that she rubs on her arms in the mornings. She is trans and, like some cis women, her body does not produce enough estrogen on its own.

This topical form, she explained to Christian and the cameras, absorbs through her skin. It’s easier on her liver.


After a seemingly uneventful day, Christian and Cleo sat down for a bit.

Christian took the opportunity to emphasize to Cleo that the uneventful night did not signal a lack of interest. That is a sensible thing to mention.

Cleo understood. She also shared that she wouldn’t have slept with him on the first night, anyway. Except in, you know, the most literal sense.


Their next stop, unfortunately, did not put Cleo at ease.

It was a small space with a lot of people in it — and a lot of noise.

One needn’t be autistic like Cleo to find this situation overwhelming — socially, and to the senses. And Christian was not helping.


Christian chose this moment to share an anecdote with Cleo about his flight. For one thing, he was drinking on it.

He apparently started talking — a lot — to a couple of young women. Old enough to drink, but barely.

And it sounds like he gave someone the creeps, because the flight attendant straight-up refused to give him a drink. “I heard about you,” she told him. That’s weird … and it’s even weirder to share it with Cleo and the camera.


Christian didn’t stop there. For reasons that perhaps only he can fully understand, he began chatting with an entire neighboring table. Just … full-on talking to a group of strangers instead of to Cleo.

(We will say that we’ve seen other fans comment that his behavior seemed relatable. Many of us find Cleo’s silent reaction to the awkwardness more sensible)

Christian likes to talk to everyone, it seems. At least, to any women who happen to be near him.


That includes Cleo … but if this is what every date would be like, she’d want to call it off.

She’s hoping that this won’t always be the case. Christian is outgoing and extroverted in situations where she shuts down. That’s who they are.

Now, they have to figure if it’ll work. That means finding a situation that they can both enjoy. Otherwise … they might as well call it off now.


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