Bold and the Beautiful has Liam Spencer not really acting like the character B&B fans grew to know on the CBS soap these days. Instead of whining, grappling, and begging Hope Logan to come back to him, he turns down her pleading. So, what is up with this on B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Spencer Now Spoiled Fruit in Family Tree

While Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is notorious for his whining and his clinging ways, they’ve suddenly disappeared. Even when his brother Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) gives him the floor to whine, he doesn’t.

Instead, Liam sticks to his guns by saying his marriage is over. While he’s the son of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) on Bold and the Beautiful, the two are the opposite when it comes to dealing with anger. That is until now.


So, Bold and the Beautiful looks to be scripting Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) more like her mother today. Does this mean they’re doing the same for Liam Spencer and his dad?

Up until recently, it looked like this next generation just might turn their parents’ wrongs into rights with their outlooks on life. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as Hope takes on her mom’s risque traits. Then there’s Liam, who allows his anger to shut the door on his marriage.

B&B Spoilers: Like Father, Like Son?

Liam Spencer wasn’t much like his father on Bold and the Beautiful. Sure, he waffled between the ladies, but he didn’t have the Bill Spencer backbone.

He and his brother, Wyatt, often stood like the voice of reason when Bill went off half-cocked with anger. The same rang true for Hope Logan when it came to her mother. She would voice her opinion as her mom made mistakes.

But it looks like Bold and the Beautiful has her stepping into her mother’s promiscuous shoes these days. Now Liam’s anger makes him look sinister while dealing with his wife. So, it looks like a little bit of Papa Bill seems to seep through.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam About to Become Newest Villain?

Bold and the Beautiful has a knack for creating villains. It looks like Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) as a scorned woman might even be on the cusp of becoming a bit villainous on this soap. So why not the man they call the waffler?

Hope, who jumps in bed with her lead designer this week. But that’s only because Liam didn’t take too long to sever himself from his wife. In The Bold and the Beautiful timeline, they did it in a blink of an eye. So, it looks like this isn’t over yet, despite having all the earmarks that it is.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) - Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)

Chances are Liam comes to his senses and wants his wife back. But B&B spoilers have Hope trumping Liam by filing for divorce first. So, it looks like his quick decision to split from his wife comes back to bite this hypocritical husband. He slept with another woman

B&B Spoilers: Bad Boy Liam?

With Hope soon becoming a couple with Thomas and everyone knowing about it, this can’t sit well with Liam Spencer. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also hint that he may once again go after Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

This guy didn’t care that Steffy is happily married. He didn’t care that he was about to betray his friendship with Finn when he kissed Steffy twice so far on B&B. So, if Liam Spencer does try to move in on Steffy, this very selfish move affects John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) as well.

So, not only is he a snake trying to steal another man’s wife, but it looks like Liam may set his sights on getting Hope back eventually. This means he needs to deal with a big roadblock, Thomas.

So, unless Bold and the Beautiful plans to get rid of Liam Spencer, they may have to turn him into a bad boy to keep him on the soap. He’s already gone too far after his abusive treatment of Hope. That happened when he baited her and grilled her over Thomas when she first got home from Rome.

Then his move on Steffy added even more disgust for the B&B fans. Plus him telling his wife that he was headed for his ex, well, this was despicable behavior as well.

So, is the CBS soap about to turn Liam Spencer into a mini-me of his father from back in the day retaliation was Dollar Bill’s middle name? Only time will tell as B&B rolls out over the next few weeks.

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