Bold and the Beautiful has Eric Forrester dying, so you might think the CBS soap would have him go out with a bang rather than being humiliated on the CBS soap. B&B fans see the soap making him look foolish as his days dwindle down. So, to some folks, this suggests the Forrester patriarch is going nowhere.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sad Faces Surround Eric Forrester

Eric Forrester (John McCook) is going to die. Or at least that is what his doctor is telling him. But as each day goes by, his “secret illness” is not much of a secret anymore.

But he has no idea that all those sad looks are because just about everyone knows now that Eric Forrester is dying.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - John McCook

So, fans suggest that Eric looks ridiculous thinking no one knows about his secret. In this week’s Bold and Beautiful episodes, he becomes almost euphoric about life.

But while he seems chipper, those around him look as if they’ve already started the grieving process. So, he’s bound to catch on.

Right now, he believes those long teary-eyed faces are due to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) losing the competition. But that can only last so long.

Still, with Eric’s son letting him think he won, some fans suggest that he didn’t do him any favors.

B&B Spoilers: Eric Squeezes All He Can Get Out of Bragging Rights

Eric Forrester humiliates himself each time he starts puffing out his chest and bragging about winning the fashion competition. He can’t open his mouth these days on Bold and Beautiful without reminding everyone that he’s the king of fashion at FC.

While he toots his own horn over this, everyone else knows Ridge is the rightful winner. Bold and the Beautiful fans are perplexed over the way the soap handles the Forrester patriarch’s exit strategy. That’s if he’s really headed that way.

Eric Forrester is an iconic soap character, who spent decades on the screen. So, they expect that B&B would handle his pending death with dignity.

Everyone knows his secret. But he thinks they don’t, as he wants to avoid pity. But pity is what he seems to get, as people silently feel sorry for him.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Making Eric Look Foolish

Bold and the Beautiful fans form two separate camps on whether Ridge should have told him the truth or not. Almost everyone understands why Ridge told him he won the competition when he didn’t.

But, while some think it was a great thing to do, other Bold and the Beautiful fans don’t. Many think that Eric will eventually feel like an idiot when he learns he’s been lied to. Even more so after his non-stop boasting.

Some viewers see him seething with Ridge and the rest of the family who know about this when he finds out. He’s likely to get angry because they all let him go on and on about being the great Eric Forrester.

This is Bold and the Beautiful, so he’s going to find out he’s been lied to. But, what will this do to this very proud man? Some B&B fans think when he finds out, this will probably destroy him.

B&B: All the Nonsense Hints to a Save for Eric?

Bold and the Beautiful viewers can’t imagine that the soap would have all this nonsense leading up to Eric’s demise. Some of the fans are already getting tired of  “Eric is dying” being said over and over in every episode.

Again, he is an iconic soap character and if this is his send-off, folks won’t be very happy. So some fans think that something comes along that gives Eric Forrester a save.

Whether it be a miracle, a new drug, or a misdiagnosis, fans think they wouldn’t do this to the head of the Forrester family if he really was about to expire on the CBS soap.

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