Bold and the Beautiful appears to task Deacon Sharpe with a move, which could end up creating pity for this fun-loving restaurant owner on the CBS soap. While many fans want his Sheila Carter love story to stick, there’s a gnawing factor that some viewers just can’t shake.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bizarre Do-Over With Deacon Sharpe

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) is the future groom of one of the most notorious criminals ever to grace a soap opera screen, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). But B&B fans can’t ignore a similar storyline with Sheila, so the name Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) keeps getting in the way.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)

Deacon hasn’t spun a secret ploy on Bold and the Beautiful behind Sheila’s back. He’s not trying to land her in prison. No, instead his intended gig is to corral her in a 24/7 relationship while he acts as her watchdog.

But the difference between Bill’s undercover work and what this parolee attempts today is that it’s all done out in the open.

B&B Spoilers: Deacon’s Intentions Wide Open?

A while back on Bold and the Beautiful, both Bill and Sheila professed their undying love for each other. But neither one of them felt that way.

Recently, both Deacon Sharpe and his nine-toed future bride revealed their love for one another. But because this mirrors Bill Spencer’s ploy, a mystery festers for some B&B fans today.

Sheila seems to know that her lover intends to keep a watchful eye on her. He’s certainly said it enough times to her on Bold and Beautiful. But she also believes that he loves her, and many B&B fans see it that way too.

Then there’s the Deacon Sharpe camp that thinks he’s throwing away his life to undo his wrong. He’s already just a click away from delete when it comes to his daughter’s relationship.

Then, once his marriage plans become public knowledge, he faces the probability that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will walk away for good. Soon, word likely gets on the street that he’s not only marrying her, but she’s now working at his restaurant.

This could cause his successful eatery to go belly-up due to the hatred people have for this criminal.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Still Somewhat of a Mystery

Deacon Sharpe walks a fine line on where this storyline leads him. While it looks like he’s on the same page with Sheila, there are too many other factors that could play into this.

Best case scenario – he really loves Sheila, and she really loves him. As far as keeping her tucked away from the Forrester family, Deacon intends to do this by marrying her and keeping her by his side every minute of the night and day. Which, by the way, is likely an impossible feat for anyone to do.

But this thing with Bill lurks in the shadows for some Bold and the Beautiful fans. Bill created a ploy to get her to confess to murder. He never intended to talk to her again, never mind marry her when his plan came to an end.

Bold and the Beautiful keeps throwing in the thought that she’s incapable of love into the script. Plus, the soap had a few of the characters mentioning it again this week. So, is this a hint of things to come?

B&B Spoilers: Creating Deacon as Pitiful Character?

Some viewers see Deacon scraping up Bill’s leftovers. Sheila, who is thought by many to be incapable of love, might just be hitching another ride. But this time with Deacon, as far as some fans see this.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) - Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)
B&B | Twitter

She repeats the same words to Deacon Sharpe that she said to the Spencer patriarch. That alone is unnerving to the viewers who want this love story to work.

Some fans, like the one who tweeted above, hope that Sheila doesn’t return to her villainous ways after she ruins both Deacon Sharpe’s family life and business. But, they think there’s a good chance that she will.

Bold and the Beautiful may opt to have Deacon’s outcome with Sheila, the opposite of how Bill emerged from his time with her. The Spencer patriarch was seen as a hero. But, as fans hear the demented woman repeat her words to Deacon, they hear the same words that she said to Bill. So, some wonder where this is going.

Plus, Deacon, unbeknownst to him, mimics all the lovely things that Bill said to Sheila. Don’t forget, while Sheila said she didn’t blame Deacon for his part in her arrest, she holds grudges.

Despite getting her out of prison, she might not be able to forget that he betrayed her trust when joining forces with Bill to nab her. With that said, many fans want these two in a genuine relationship. But B&B might just create a pitiful character out of Deacon Sharpe to keep the nut job’s villain flag flying on the CBS soap.

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