90 Day Fiance couple Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan‘s relationship is not progressing as quickly as she wants. So she decides it is time to apply some pressure. He is clearly in no hurry, but she needs him to pick up the pace. If they do not get on the same page soon, things will not work out.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Meisha Johnson Pressures  Nicola Kanaan

Meisha and her partner Nicola’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days relationship confused many TLC fans from the start. They are not your ordinary couple. Despite her spiritual awakening more than seven years ago, she is a woman who has had a lot of past experience.

90 Day Fiance: Meisha Johnson - Before the 90 Days
Meisha Johnson | TLC

He is a 46-year-old virgin who still lives at home with his mother in Israel. He is also a very religious man and vows to remain celibate until he meets and marries the right woman. They met online and maintained a relationship for several years.

But now that she is older she wants more. She is ready to marry and settle down and she believes that he is the man for her. The 90 Day Fiance star, Meisha Johnson doesn’t want to waste time.

She feels seven years is long enough. However, Nicola Kanaan is not in a hurry. He hasn’t even told his mother about her. She traveled to Israel for him, and she is ready to move things along.

She longs for marriage, companionship, and physical intimacy. Since it has been more than 16 years since he has kissed a woman, wonders why he is not more eager to move things along.

 TLC’s Nicola Snaps Back

Meisha decides Nicola may not be inclined to move forward with their relationship unless he is pushed. So she drops hints. But it is not getting her anywhere.  But he thinks he may never be able to please her.

He is also unsure if he can accept his 90 Day Fiance partner’s past. He is not pleased that she is divorced and has a child. It weighs on his mind and is something he knows his mother will likely never accept.

90 Day Fiance: Nicola Kanaan- Before the 90 Days
Nicola Kanaan | TLC

He doesn’t know that she also has some doubts about him as well. She has issues with his celibacy. She craves affection, and his vows and religious beliefs won’t allow it. But Meisha Johnson is determined.

On their first night together, she admits she snuck into his bed for some “heavy petting,” but says that is as far as it went. But now she senses that Nicola Kanaan of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is pulling away from her.

She feels he may have doubts about their engagement and plans to marry. So she gives him an ultimatum. She says if she leaves Israel without getting engaged that it is over.

She hoped this would motivate him to propose. But it may have had just the opposite effect on him and he snaps. He tells her he is sick of her always being in a rush.

90 Day Fiance: Meisha Fears Starting Over

Meisha does not like how she feels. She’s never seen Nicola act this way before. Now she thinks she made a mistake by coming to Israel. It is upsetting to her because she has put a lot of time into this relationship over the years, for it to end.

After all of this time, she fears starting over with someone new. Meisha Johnson feels she may have taken it too far by pushing her 90 Day Fiance partner Nicola Kanaan.

Right now she is unsure which direction their relationship will take. She wants to try and make it work, but now he may have changed his mind about everything.

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