Julia Trubkina from 90 Day Fiance wants to become a comedian. However, she finds writing jokes everyone will enjoy challenging. Will her career be a bust?

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina Participates in Open Mic Night

Julia Trubkina has had many jobs in her life. Being a stand-up comedian has always been something she is interested in doing. However, moving to America and not speaking the language well, she didn’t think it would be possible.

However, now that the 90 Day Fiance reality star has been in the country for a few years. She felt it was time to get up on the stage and tell jokes. So, she recently went to an open mic night at a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. There were around 30 to 50 people in attendance.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina
90 Day Fiance | Instagram

Julia felt that the night went well. She says that everyone was laughing at her jokes. And that made her feel good. She even says that the crowd’s energy made her want to participate in another open mic night. She is even thinking about pursuing a career as a comedian. But there is one problem.

Julia Wants to Be a Comedian

Julia explains that people who know her in real life know that she loves to make jokes. They also know that it is hard to offend her. She doesn’t take what people say to her too seriously. And laughs at all the comments. However, the same can’t be said for other people.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member reveals that she writes her own jokes. And she likes doing it. She also likes to laugh at herself. However, she explains that now people get offended easily. So, she feels that she can’t tell a joke without offending someone. She thinks anything she says can be taken out of context and turned into something offensive.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina
Julia Trubkina | Instagram

Julia feels that it is so hard to be a comedian these days. She wants to pursue a career as a comedian. But, she doesn’t think it will be easy if what she says on stage offends someone in the audience. She wants people to be able to enjoy her jokes and not have something negative to say about them.

Will 90 Day Fiance Celeb Give Up on Comedian Dream?

Julia Trubkina enjoys making jokes. But she feels that she could use “professional” help when it comes to her jokes. She wants someone to tell her if they are “too much” or “not enough.” She also wants someone to say to her what she should correct. And how she can be funny but not offend anyone.

The 90 Day Fiance castmate feels she doesn’t know what she can and cannot say on stage because she doesn’t know if it will offend someone. Julia has been thinking about being a comedian. But will the struggle of not offending the audience with her jokes be the reason why she doesn’t pursue it?

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