Since before this season began, 90 Day Fiance viewers have been waiting for Jasmine inevitable meltdown screamfest.

Well, on this Sunday’s episode, it’s finally here. Instead of Gino’s messy home, they’re focusing on their messy relationship.

What’s curious is that Gino isn’t just short-circuiting and blinking while Jasmine works herself up into a frenzy. He’s yelling, too.

Which … isn’t good for their relationship. As you can see in this clip below.

Jasmine and Gino face off in the car.
Gino and Jasmine begin their heated conversation in the car. It will only grow worse. (Image Credit: TLC)

As the clip (which you can watch below) begins, things are tense — but no one is yelling.

Not yet. Don’t worry — because 90 Day Fiance Season 10, Episode 6 will certainly get there.

Jasmine Pineda has discovered a thing of lip gloss under the seat in Gino Palazzolo’s car. Despite having seen the state of his house, he assumes that this is from a recent passenger, that the passenger was a woman, and that Gino cheated on her.

Jasmine yells at Gino, asking about the
Jasmine cannot find another explanation for lip gloss other than cheating. (Image Credit: TLC)

Gino is quick to say that he doesn’t know whose lip gloss that is. But he says that he hasn’t cheated on her.

And yes, the two have had major rough patches (their whole relationship is arguably a rough patch), but he says that he has not been with anyone else since they first got together.

Jasmine has decided that he’s lying. She calls him a “disgusting person” before becoming increasingly unhinged, yelling and screaming.

In the car, Jasmine Pineda sobs while leaning on the door. She's going through it.
In the car, Jasmine Pineda sobs while leaning on the door. She’s going through it. (Image Credit: TLC)

At this point, a sobbing Jasmine rests her head on the door and cries that she wants to go home to Panama.

This would be extremely understandable behavior from a 6-year-old. Maybe even from a tween, considering how much hormones can scramble your brain.

Jasmine is a grown woman in her thirties. This behavior is inexcusable. But Gino, at his big age, is also reacting poorly.

Jasmine cries against the passenger side door while Gino drives and speaks angrily.
While Jasmine blubbers in the passenger’s seat, Gino has some harsh words for her. (Image Credit: TLC)

He says accurately of Jasmine that she is “crazy,” but could just as accurately say so while looking into a mirror.

“You are so ridiculous,” he says harshly to her. “it’s sickening.”

Gino continues to gripe: “Just sickening, can’t believe it.” He can’t? Where has he been the entire time?

"You're a f--king cheater," Jasmine screams during the car ride.
“You’re a f–king cheater,” Jasmine screams during the car ride. Lovely. (Image Credit: TLC)

After sobbing about her desire to return to Panama, the pendulum swings back to Jasmine’s other favorite emotion, screaming rage.

“YOU’RE A F–KING CHEATER,” she declares at Gino.

“No I’m not!” Gino yells in return.” He tells her that he’s pulling over and is simply going to drop her off.

Jasmine leans over the seat from outside to collect her things from in the car.
Jasmine leans over the seat from outside to collect her things from in the car. (Image Credit: TLC)

Out of the car, Jasmine reiterates her desire to go home. She also says that she cannot breathe — because she is crying in hysterics.

“I don’t have my passport, I don’t have anything,” she wails.

Jasmine adds: “I didn’t bring any f–king money because I don’t have money.” It probably doesn’t help that she dropped her phone.

Some viewers have said that this must all be faked. Obviously, the “scripted” claims are bogus — we’ve debunked that time and time again. (No one spinning that particular conspiracy theory ever seems to say who is supposedly writing these scripts)

It’s possible that Gino and Jasmine decided to plant the lip gloss and blow up about it. It’s unlikely, and it would mean that they’re better actors than we think, but it’s possible.

Most likely is that they’re people with personality issues who are in a dysfunctional relationship. And they know that their worst impulses will play well for the cameras, so that’s what they do.


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