On Sunday night’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Brandan De Nuccio 23, said farewell to his family. The young cast member began his flight to start his life with long-distance girlfriend Mary Rosa 23, in the Philippines. The two have been dating for two years online and are about to meet in real life for the first time finally.

The couple has already had many ups and downs as Mary demands that Brandan spend all his time on the phone with her, even while he sleeps. Brandan and Mary’s friends and family describe their behavior “obsessive and possessive.”

This shocking plane ride follows suit as there is constant fighting for all three legs of the trip. Fans and even Brandan himself, have growing concern that he is making a big mistake.

Fan’s Call Out 90 Day Fiance Couple’s Toxic Behavior

Brandan and Mary have an unusually close relationship. The two spend practically every second of the day on video call with one another. It is so close that they even watch each other go to the bathroom. Both have explained that they have experienced abandonment from their parents from a young age.

The two have now found comfort in one another. “Mary’s the first person who’s ever made me feel good enough,” he said. “She’s the one who saved me from myself. My world was black and white before she came and now it’s just colorful.” However, jealousy also plays a huge part in their relationship.

90 day fiance-brandan de nuccio
90 Day Fiance – Brandan De Nuccio | TLC

The couple’s arguing is constant. Worried that he might be cheating her, Mary is continually monitoring Brandan’s every move. This creates great tension between the 90 Day Fiance pair when he must interact with the opposite sex for work or family engagements.

“I love her so much but sometimes the obsessiveness is a double-edged sword,” he said. “Parts of my relationship with Mary have become tumultuous and toxic. If mine and Mary’s fighting doesn’t get any better, I’m worried that me and Mary may not be able to make it work.”

Brandan mentioned that once the two are together in person, maybe she will lighten up her reigns. He thinks the problem could just be the separation and distance.

Brandan commented, “We’re just so used to overthinking and fighting over the phone that it’s just become normal for us, but I can only tolerate it up to a certain point…It makes me very worried about whether or not I’m making the right choice going to the Philippines and committing my whole life there.”

Mary Rosa Texts Brandan De Nuccio “A Cheater and A Liar”

A hopeful Brandan finally did say goodbye to his reluctant family and headed off to the Philippines to be with Mary. Shortly into his flight, Mary had a meltdown of epic proportions because he was seated next to a female passenger.  “Just got my seat changed. Now no one is sitting next to me. Happy now?” he texts her from the plane.

Mary replies with accusations that he was lying. “F**k you,” she then messaged even though Brandan had flight attendants move him to an empty row. “F**k your girl.” It’s not clear what girl Mary is referring to but apparently any girl in a in a 3-mile radius of Brandan is a potential problem for her.

When he got on the second flight, she once again accused him of always sitting next to girls even though he wasn’t. She continued to berate him, calling him a “cheater and a liar.”  The tests messages continued throughout his flight with her spiraling to the conclusion that she no longer wanted him to come and that she was “DONE.”

Clearly upset with Mary’s Shenanigans, Brandan tells the camera, “It really, really, really frustrates me on such a high level that she would still have these things to say,” he says before taking a long pause. “I’ve sacrificed a lot to get to that point, and I don’t think I deserve that.”

Brandan De Nuccio Spent $60,000 On House in The Philippines

We learn earlier than Brandan has paid for Mary and her family to build a house. Altogether, he has spent $60,000 of his savings. He will be arriving with only $250. Branden, Mary and her grandparents will all live together, and he will need to find work. “I won’t have any money when I get to the Philippines,” he said.

“At this point, I’m just kinda rolling with the punches and hoping that it works out.” Brandan’s Godparents spoke with him and expressed their concerns but he assured them he was making the right decision.

90 day fiance - Brandan De Nuccio
90 Day Fiance – Brandan De Nuccio | TLC

Brandan promised he would call his mother if he ever needed anything or found himself in trouble. According to his mom, he told his family that once he was together with Mary in the Philippines, he would make sure things would change between them. There’s a chance that the couple’s storyline will end with them getting married in The Other Way season 5 finale.

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