90 Day Fiance couple Big Ed Brown and his on-again-off-again fiance Liz Woods‘ upcoming wedding information has been allegedly leaked. TLC fans met the couple in 2021 when they appeared together on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life. Despite their dozen or more TV breakups, the latest rumors reveal that the couple is still together. They are also reportedly ready to walk down the aisle together in just a few weeks.

90 Day Fiance: Liz Wood & Ed Brown’s Turbulent History

Ed Brown and Liz Wood’s relationship has been no walk in the park for the pair. After more than a dozen on-screen breakups and reunions many 90 Day Fiance viewers have grown to dislike the pair quite a bit.

He has a large group of TLC viewers who have been campaigning for some time to have him removed from the show due to his treatment and disrespect for his past and present partners.

Fans thought that they had seen the last of them during the recent Happily Ever After Tell-All Reunion. Their rocky relationship imploded on camera, leading them to once again call it quits.

However, as previously reported, fans are not rid of them, yet. In August the two will star alongside five other franchise couples in the upcoming couple’s therapy spin-off series, The Last Resort.

Therapists, Petey Silveria, Dr. Jane Lacy, and Dr. Jason Prendergast will attempt to get to the bottom of 90 Day Fiance Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ relationship problems. Whether or not therapy had any effect on their relationship issues remains unknown.

Despite therapy, they remain together. Oddly enough, news of their leaked upcoming wedding plans has fans scratching their heads. Most believe there is something behind The Last Resort‘s August 14 premiere date, and their alleged August 29 wedding.

Is Big Ed Finally Ready to Settle Down?

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers doubt that Ed Brown is ready to finally settle down with his longtime partner Liz Woods. So, here is what we know so far about the wedding leak. An anonymous guest invited to share in Liz and Ed’s big day reportedly leaked a blurry copy of the invitation on a 90 Day Fiance fan page online.

The invite reveals a photo of the couple surrounded by flowers, and reads, The Wedding of Edward & Elizabeth dated for Tuesday, August 29. The ceremony will take place at 3 PM at Holland Barn in Gentry, Arizona.

In 2022, Soap Dirt reported that they were to be married on August 1, in San Diego, California. For whatever reason, the ceremony failed to take place. Viewers know there have been several wedding day fails for them. Time will tell if they make it down the aisle this time.

90 Day Fiance: Liz’s Marriage to TLC Bad Guy Staged for Reality TV?

Now many viewers are asking if Ed and Liz’s alleged wedding date may be staged for reality television. Some predict that the pair have scheduled their nuptials to coincide with their stint on the couple’s rehab spin-off. It could be completely coincidental, but fans disagree.

They believe they may have eyed an opportunity with The Last Resort series. Perhaps even a TLC wedding special, and a future return to Happily Ever After. Whether or not most viewers like the couple or not, one thing is for sure.

Most would tune in to see the potential trainwreck they believe would be Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ married life. It would be a win-win. Easy viewership numbers for the network, and a secure payday for the reality stars. Whether it turns out this way, or not, fans will find out in about six weeks.

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