Megan Rapinoe, who has long fancied herself to be the Colin Kaepernick of the women’s soccer world, is seemingly trying to reignite her feud with Donald Trump by claiming that she “always” believed that the former president “loved” her.

Thankfully, Rapinoe made this bizarre claim just after she announced her retirement, meaning that we hopefully will not need to deal with her woke outbursts for much longer.

‘I Always Felt Trump Loved Me’

“I always felt Trump loved me,” Rapinoe, 38, said in a new interview, according to Daily Mail.

This, of course, could not be further from the truth. In fact, Trump has regularly spoken out against Rapinoe over the years after she began following Kaepernick’s lead in taking a knee during the national anthem before her games. During the 2019 World Cup, Trump took to Twitter to warn her not to “disrespect” America on the international stage.

“Megan should never disrespect our country, the White House or our flag, especially since so much has been done for her and the team. Be proud of the flag you carry,” Trump tweeted at the time. “I’m a big fan of the U.S. team and women’s soccer, but Megan should first win before she speaks! Finish the job!”

This came after Rapinoe said in a not-so-elegant way that she would not be going to the “f***ing White House,” should her team win the World Cup.

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Rapinoe Retiring

Rapinoe’s latest comments about Trump comes days after she announced that she will be retiring from professional soccer after this season.

“This is going to be my last season, my last World Cup and my last NWSL season,” she said last week during a press conference ahead of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s match against Wales. “Obviously there will be more to come further down the road after hopefully we get done what we want to get done.”

“I could have just never imagined where this beautiful game would’ve taken me,” she continued. “I feel so honored to be able to have represented this country and this federation for so many years. It’s truly been the greatest thing that I’ve ever done.”

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Rapinoe Goes Woke Again

Rapinoe may be almost done playing soccer, but she has made it clear that she’s far from finished with being woke. When asked if she would welcome a transgender athlete onto her soccer team, Rapinoe replied with an emphatic, “Absolutely.”

“‘You’re taking a ‘real’ woman’s place,’ that’s the part of the argument that’s still extremely transphobic,” she continued. “I see trans women as real women. What you’re saying automatically in the argument—you’re sort of telling on yourself already—is you don’t believe these people are women. Therefore, they’re taking the other spot. I don’t feel that way.”

“It’s particularly frustrating when women’s sports is weaponized,” she added. “Oh, now we care about fairness? Now we care about women’s sports? That’s total bulls***. And show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It’s just not happening.”

With her soccer career coming to a merciful end, it’s clear that Rapinoe is desperately trying to stay relevant by reigniting her feud with Trump and saying whatever she can to appeal to the woke left. Here’s hoping that Rapinoe disappears into anonymity once this soccer season comes to an end, and that the rest of us are no longer subjected to her absurdly woke lectures.

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