Project Runway season 20 aired a brand new episode on Thursday, featuring a new challenge and an elimination round. The designers had to create couture undergarments and showcase their designs in front of a panel of judges. While all nine contestants gave their best in season 20 episode 7, the panel sent home Fabio Costa in the end.

His creation impressed the judges the least and thus was eliminated in the latest installment. In his exit speech, he said:

“There’s something so magical about challenging yourself and coming into this roller coaster ride and leaving still wanting to be here. I roll with the punches to show myself not only that I still have fight but to reassure myself how much I love this. I never compromised, and I hope that’s inspiring.”

Along with him, the contestants in the bottom three were Laurence and Korto. The panel first saved Laurence and then Korto, which meant Fabio had to leave.

Fabio Costa first appeared in Project Runway season 10

Project Runway season 20 is an All-Star edition where former contestants re-appeared to claim the winning title that they missed on their first try. Designer Fabio Costa first participated in the show in season 10.

He was the runner-up in season 10 while Melissa won the title. He returned to the same stage in season 20 after five years but unfortunately couldn’t reach the final line. He was eliminated in episode 7, which aired on Thursday, July 20, 2023, on Bravo.

His bio on Bravo’s site of Project Runway reads:

“After spending 12 years in New York, Fabio Costa returned to his home country of Brazil where he currently resides and works on his fashion line, NotEqual. Fabio’s brand celebrates his unique approach of disregarding traditional measurements to create clothing that feels custom made for the individual wearing it.”

It continues:

“Since his appearance in Project Runway Season 10, this fashion veteran has evolved his style to be more body-conscious and colorful while still incorporating his signature use of androgynous designs. Fabio participates annually in Brazil’s prestigious House of Creators fashion show, where he will present his sixth collection in July.”

In Project Runway season 20 episode 7, fans were upset with Fabio’s elimination. They shared their opinion on Twitter.

The contestants were asked to create couture undergarments. Fabio tried his level best to create a design and showcase it to the judges. Before the final look, host and mentor Christian Siriano was seen pointing out a few flaws in his design but Fabio didn’t entirely follow the advice.

According to the judges’ panel, Fabio’s design included a lot of stuff which made it look cluttered and not neat. He was placed in the bottom three alongside Korto and Laurence.

Which contestants advanced to the next episode?

In Project Runway season 20 episode 7, the contestants received a unique challenge where they had to design undergarments.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled “Fashion, Inside Out,” read:

“Breaking news: The jockstrap is back! The all-stars must create high-fashion looks featuring couture undergarments in this one-day challenge with everything: laughter, adrenaline, tears and a whole lot of skin. Fashion icons Sergio Hudson and Paulina Porizkova help separate the hot from the not.”

Guest judges Sergio Hudson and Paulina Porizkova joined the panel of three judges — Brandon Maxwell, Nina Garcia, and Elaine Welteroth.


After Fabio Costa was eliminated, a total of eight designers advanced to the next episode. They were Laurence Basse (season 15), Korto Momolu (season 5), Brittany Allen (season 18), Kara Saun (season 1), Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste (season 19), Rami Kashou (season 4), Bishme Cromartie (season 17), and Anna Yinan Zhou (season 19).

Tune in to Bravo on Thursdays to watch a new episode of Project Runway season 20 All-Stars.

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