The MLB Immaculate Grid answers for July 11 have been unveiled.

In the rich history of the Baltimore Orioles, several remarkable players have graced their roster and earned the prestigious honor of being named All-Stars.

These individuals have left an indelible mark on the franchise and have showcased their exceptional talents on baseball’s grandest stage.

Here is a look at all the All-Stars to have played for the Baltimore Orioles:

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2023: Félix Bautista (RHP), Yennier Cano (RHP), Austin Hays (OF), Adley Rutschman (C)

2022: Jorge López (RHP)

2021: Cedric Mullins (OF)

2019: John Means (LHP)

2018: Manny Machado (SS)

2017: Jonathan Schoop (2B)

2016: Brad Brach (RHP), Zach Britton (LHP), Manny Machado (3B), Mark Trumbo (OF), Matt Wieters (C)

2015: Zach Britton (LHP), Adam Jones (OF), Manny Machado (3B), Darren O’Day (RHP)

2014: Nelson Cruz (DH), Adam Jones (OF), Matt Wieters (C)

2013: Chris Davis (1B), J.J. Hardy (SS), Adam Jones (OF), Manny Machado (3B), Chris Tillman (RHP)

2012: Jim Johnson (P), Adam Jones (OF), Matt Wieters (C)

2011: Matt Wieters (C)

2010: Ty Wiggington (1B)

2009: Adam Jones (OF)

2008: George Sherrill (LHP)

2007: Brian Roberts (2B)

2006: Miguel Tejada (SS)

2005: Brian Roberts (2B), Miguel Tejada (SS), Melvin Mora (3B), B.J. Ryan (P)

2004: Miguel Tejada (SS)

2003: Melvin Mora (OF)

2002: Tony Batista (3B)

2001: Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

2000: Cal Ripken (SS-3B), Mike Bordick (SS)

1999: Harold Baines (OF), Mike Mussina (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-3B), B.J. Surhoff (OF)

1998: Roberto Alomar (2B), Rafael Palmeiro (OF), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1997: Roberto Alomar (2B), Brady Anderson (OF), Jimmy Key (LHP), Mike Mussina (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-2B)

1996: Roberto Alomar (2B), Brady Anderson (OF), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1995: Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1994: Mike Mussina (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-3B), Lee Smith (RHP)

1993: Mike Mussina (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1992: Brady Anderson (OF), Mike Mussina (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1991: Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1990: Gregg Olson (RHP), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1989: Mickey Tettleton (C), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1988: Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1987: Terry Kennedy (C), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1986: Don Aase (RHP), Eddie Murray (1B), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1985: Eddie Murray (1B), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1984: Mike Boddicker (RHP), Eddie Murray (1B), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1983: Tippy Martinez (LHP), Eddie Murray (1B), Cal Ripken (SS-3B)

1982: Eddie Murray (1B)

1981: Scott McGregor (LHP), Eddie Murray (1B), Ken Singleton (OF)

1980: Al Bumbry (OF), Steve Stone (RHP)

What is MLB Immaculate Grid?

Which All-Stars have played for the Baltimore Orioles? MLB Immaculate Grid answers July 11
Which All-Stars have played for the Baltimore Orioles? MLB Immaculate Grid answers July 11

MLB Immaculate Grid is a baseball-themed quiz that will immerse fans into the world of baseball trivia.

The game revolves around a captivating 3-by-3 grid, where each cell represents a specific criterion that is directly linked to the realm of baseball.

Participants are faced with the exciting challenge of correctly guessing the identities of nine players who perfectly fit the given criteria.

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