Convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner had a veritable meltdown when confronted by a podcast host about a conspiracy theory surrounding the Clinton body count.

The confrontation began when Patrick Bet-David, host of the PBD Podcast, referenced a popular conspiracy theory regarding the number of supposedly mysterious and unexplained deaths of Clinton colleagues throughout the years.

“How is it that in the last 50 years, every political figure has their own reputation… But with the Clintons, the reputation that follows them is that people close to them die?” Bet-David asked. “Why is this a story that many people believe in?”

Weiner responded that anybody could throw together a list of people close to famous politicians that have died.

“Are the Clintons in their 70s yet? You don’t think I can make a list of other people who are 70-something years old and point out that this person died, that person died?” he fired back.

But it didn’t take long before the entire debate descended into a screaming match about Clinton being a “big girl” and Weiner being a “big boy.”

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Weiner Defends Clintons Against Body Count Conspiracy Theory

It was at this point that Weiner, a one-time rising star in the Democrat party, and a one-time leading candidate for mayor of New York City, launched into a very animated defense of the Clintons.

And why wouldn’t he? He doesn’t want to end up on the list like all the others… Just kidding fact-checkers!

Bet-David responded to Weiner’s contention that such a list could surround any politician by asking a simple question.

“How come they haven’t done that with Bush? He’s in the same age,” Bet-David pointed out. “How come they haven’t done that with Reagan? How come they haven’t done that with Kerry?”

Weiner pushed back by calling the claims “bizarre” and suggesting they are simply relegated to “obscure websites.”

“You are implying something nefarious is afoot, both with the question and with the list,” he said.

Wiener then diminished the deaths of those individuals by referring to them as “obscure people.”

“Hillary Clinton, she’s a big girl. I’m a big boy. You’re a big boy,” he fumed. “The people that you just listed, these are obscure people that you could not pull out of a …”

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Coincidences, All of Them

Anthony Weiner was being asked to defend a conspiracy theory about the Clinton body count – a list that is rather expansive.

Wikipedia describes it as “discredited” through “detailed death records, the unusually large circle of associates that a president is likely to have, and the fact that many of the people listed had been misidentified or were still alive.”

Perhaps one of the more famous cases involves Vince Foster, a Deputy White House Counsel for the Clintons, who committed suicide after a long bout with depression in 1993. His body was found in Fort Marcy Park, just miles from the White House.

There has been speculation as to what actually happened to Foster – most notably from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who called Foster’s death “very fishy.”

More recently Mark Middleton, a top adviser to Bill Clinton, was found hanging from a tree with an electrical cord around his neck and a shotgun blast to the chest.

The shotgun was located thirty feet from his body and the death was ruled a suicide.

Middleton signed the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein into the White House on several occasions. He also met with Epstein at least three times in the White House around 1993 and 1994, the Daily Beast reported.

Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his jail cell while awaiting trial.

Bet-David noted that conspiracy theories and bad reputations tend to follow politicians for a reason, even referencing Weiner’s own sordid past.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in jail and three years of supervised release in 2017 after he sent sexually explicit messages to an underage girl.

He ended up serving 18 months and was released in May of 2019 but was ordered by a judge to register as a sex offender.

“Everybody has a stereotype, you have a reputation whether you like it or not,” Bet-David told Weiner.

“Your reputation is that you like to text underage girls and you like to talk to girls and you sext, sending pictures of your ding-a-ling,” he continued. “That’s your reputation.”

During the contentious interview, Weiner also made news by claiming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “campaigning like a pussy.”

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