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A politically incorrect comedian recently stirred up a hornet’s nest after deciding to roast one of the left’s ultimate sacred cows: George Floyd.

As The Post Millennial reported, David Lucas, a native of Macon, Georgia, was at a Funny Bone Comedy Club in Kansas City, Missouri last month as part of his 2024 tour. During the event, Lucas caused several audience members to storm out of the venue after joking that he would have shot Floyd instead of kneeling on his neck. He also praised Kyle Rittenhouse as they were leaving.

This video of the KC event was released by Lucas on his YouTube channel last week and has since gone viral on social media.

The incident in question started with Lucas asking the audience a provocative question: “You want to show them the reason George Floyd got his neck kneeled on?” They “ooo” in response.

This causes Lucas to joke: “Don’t “ooo” at that joke. It’s just a joke, man. I would have never kneeled on George Floyd’s neck. I would have shot that n***a.”

Audience members, mostly black, start walking out after hearing the joke.


One angry member then blasted Lucas for daring to mock Floyd. “You need to know about George Floyd before you get yo a** up there talking about him, the man yelled. “You really stoop low to be funny, don’t you know that?”

Lucas replied that this was what comedy is all about and then asked whether any more black audience members felt that they needed to leave.

After one audience member yells they aren’t going anywhere, Lucas replies: “Good, ’cause I was just warming up with that George Floyd sh*t.”

This moment causes even more angry audience members to rise from their seats and exit the club. As this happens, Lucas exclaims that he “likes Kyle Rittenhouse, too” and gives one man a fist bump.

Lucas also tells screaming departing audience members, “George Floyd would have robbed you, too.” He then closes by quipping, “This is no longer a comedy show; this is Jerry Springer.”

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