new video loaded: About 300,000 People Participate in Pro-Palestinian March in London



About 300,000 People Participate in Pro-Palestinian March in London

Demonstrators marched in support of Palestine and demanded a cease-fire in Gaza in one of Britain’s largest protests in recent years.

[chant] Cease-fire now. “I think it’s important for any human to come down to this march at this point. There is no hiding the images that are coming out of Gaza. And I’m Palestinian myself, so I’ve had these stories being told to me. And I’m just really happy to see now that there’s a lot of support behind it.” [chant] We are all Palestinian. “I want them to do a cease-fire and then to put all the effort into negotiations. And it’s not up to me, I’m not Palestinian. What’s up to me is to talk to my government, to say whatever I can to my government to stop supporting Israel doing what they’re doing to the people of Gaza.” [chant] Cease-fire now. “[Home Secretary] Suella Braverman’s words just made me want to come out more. I think it’s very hypocritical to say that it’s wrong to have this protest on the same day as Armistice Day. Armistice Day is supposed to be about the end of the war, and this is exactly what people are here for. We want to see an end to the war in Gaza.”

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