The British goveernment wants to lock Tommy Robinson up again on the bogus catch-all charge of “contempt of court” because his documentary “Silenced” was screened in Florida by O’Keefe Media to a US audience (Gateway reported).

Tommy faces up to 2 years in prison again in general confinement where he will be in mortal danger with the largely Muslim prison population. Several attempts on his life have been committed against Tommy when he was previously incarcerated on similarly BS charges.

Or, he will be locked up in solitary again in Belmarsh maximum security prison alongside Julian Assange, the UK’s other prominent political prisoner.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Tommy Robinson in July 2022 in London.

Here is the letter Tommy sent:

Dear Gateway Pundit Readers,


I have been making great progress lately, swinging back into action on all fronts.

After being reinstated by Elon Musk personally on X/Twitter, I am now reaching millions of new people again.

I have over 360,000 followers now – over 70,000 of them in just three days since being reinstated!

I have been trending on X/Twitter for nearly four days continuously – that’s unprecedented.

For days on end, I have featured in media report after media report, the Daily Mail, Sky News, the BBC, the Guardian, GB News, the Independent, the Telegraph etc etc.

I recently came back from Spain and announced by intention to launch a new street movement.

Episode 5 of the ‘Rape of Britain’ is almost finished – and it’s the best report yet.

I have been active reporting on important news again, like the recent Charlene Downes memorial.

All of the above has caused absolute panic in the corridors of Westminster.

The last thing they want is Tommy Robinson back on the streets rallying this nation when millions of Brits are increasingly angry and disillusioned.

So what have the crooks at Westminster dreamed up to sabotage me?

What’s their reaction to my reappearance?

What have they resorted to to de-rail me just as I am getting started again?

In response to my recent successes, they have decided to launch a full-frontal, brutal attack on me personally.

Please, let me explain, this is horrific news for me, so it must be explained properly.

Only a few days ago, I received the following letter in the post:

They have basically started ‘contempt of court’ proceedings against me because of the leak – by the Americans – of the documentary ‘Silenced’, the documentary that exposed the truth about the ‘Syrian boy who was waterboarded’.

This is far more serious than I thought previously.

As they state in this letter, I am now looking at 2 years in prison!

Because of the way the legal system works, they have to increase the punishment given to me last time they convicted me of ‘contempt of court’ – for simply filming Muslim groomers outside Leeds Crown Court.

That will be 2 years in solitary confinement in a stinking, rotten prison cell at HMP Belmarsh.

That will be 2 years locked away from my children and family.

That will be 2 years locked in a tiny 10-foot-by-10-foot concrete cell subjected to extreme isolation and boredom.

It will be one of either two scenarios:

Either I will be put into ‘general population’ with other prisoners, in which case I will be relentlessly attacked by Islamist prison gangs (not for the first time either).

Or I will be put into total ‘solitary confinement’ again, like the last time in Belmarsh.

Either of these situations would be a literal ‘hell on earth’ for me.

Just sit back and imagine having to walk around prison wings surrounded by hostile, rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Islamists who want to cut your throat at every opportunity.

Just sit back and imagine having to do 2 years in a prison cell all by yourself, totally isolated and with only a few letters and a pen for company.

Solitary confinement drives men to insanity, and that’s what they want, like they are currently doing to Julian Assange.

By the time I get out of prison, my young children will be a foot taller and I would have missed several years of their young lives.

I waited to send this email, because last night I had a brutally honest sit down with my solicitor and barrister.

They both gave me the message I was dreading:

I am in deep, serious legal trouble, and it’s highly likely that I will end up doing the 2 years in Belmarsh.

I am not exaggerating the seriousness of this situation.

Everything I have said is the honest truth.

This was the reason I had to flee to Spain and live there for six months in exile, because I was convinced they were going to arrest me and throw me in jail.

Well, now we know what they are planning to do instead.

They want to grind me down with another long, isolated prison sentence.

Remember when I was released from HMP Onley after winning my appeal for false imprisonment?

I came out as a weakened, dishevelled wreck.

It took me months to recover physically, and even longer mentally.

And that was from being in isolation for only a few months.

Imagine what two years is going to do to me.

But, I am not going to take this lying down.

I am not the type of Englishman who cowers and quivers when persecuted or attacked.

I am going to fight this with every ounce of strength I can muster.

I am going to make them drag me to prison kicking and screaming.

I am going to fight this injustice with all means available, despite the odds I am facing.

In the letter I received from the Attorney General’s office, they have given me till this coming Tuesday 14 November to reply, and set out my legal defence.

Then they will launch full legal proceedings against me.

My solicitor and barrister have confirmed they are going to launch a full-scale legal assault on me, and the first letter I received was the ‘opening shot’.

Thanks to this new onslaught of persecution, I am fighting for my freedom and for justice again.

They put me in prison for a long time for simply livestreaming outside of a court.

Imagine what they will do to me this time?

My only option is to fight, and fight I will.

If they think that the previous ‘Free Tommy’ protests outside the Old Bailey were huge, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Another small consolation is that, when they proceed with this prosecution, millions of new people will be so outraged, they will end up watching the ‘Silenced’ documentary, whereas before, they wouldn’t have.

You’ve all known me for many years, you know I am not going to go to prison for two years without a huge fight back.

My biggest concern, right now, is, once again, getting my legal team organised and paid so they can begin the fight back, legally.

I have until next Tuesday to set out my legal defence to the Attorney General’s office.

I cannot do that, only my solicitor and barrister can do it.

This time, it’s deadly serious for me, so I need your help.

My supporters are my only line of defence against the establishment locking me up for two years.

Tomorrow, I will release a video update explaining everything.

Click here to support Tommy Robinson.


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