Trump pays $175 million bail in fraud case : Washington

The American network ABC reported on Monday that former US President Donald Trump posted bail of $175 million to appeal a ruling issued against him on charges of fraud.

The New York Court of Appeals had previously set April 15 as the date for the trial in a fraud case in valuing the assets of the Trump Organization. The court had reduced the fine imposed on the former US president from half a billion dollars to 175 million dollars, and gave him ten days to pay the amount.

Trump said on the Truth Social website, commenting on the court’s decision, that he “will abide by the decision of the Court of Appeals and will pay the fine.”

Trump and his two sons were previously convicted of inflating the Trump Organization’s net worth over a decade by an estimated amount of between $812 million and $2.2 billion to obtain favorable loan terms, prompting Judge Arthur Engoron in February to issue a decision to pay him a fine of $454 million.

In reaction to the decision, Trump told the American judiciary that he was forced to “sell his children,” assets dear to him, so that he would not be able to destroy the thief, Joe Biden, by fining him and paying a bail of about half a billion dollars to appeal the court’s decision in New York.

Trump’s defense team previously admitted that it was unable to secure $464 million as bail to appeal the court’s decision in New York in the case of falsifying accounting records.


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