Trump is claiming that Fani Willis’s comments during remarks in a church are grounds for her disqualification from the case.

ABC News reported:

Willis, addressing the congregation last month at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a service to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, said, “I appointed three special counselors. It’s my right to do. Paid them all the same hourly rate.” Of the three, Willis said, “I hired one Black man.”

“They only attack one,” she said. “Isn’t it them playing the race card when they only question one?”

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Trump’s filing claims Willis’ conduct in making those comments “was indeed egregious” and “undeniably unethical.”

As such, Trump renewed his call for Willis to be disqualified and for his election interference indictment to be dismissed, saying that Willis had “made a calculated and purposeful choice here to disregard her special ethical responsibilities as a prosecutor because she conceived it was in her own best interest to do so.

How do Willis’s comments affect the case against Donald Trump?

Willis didn’t say anything egregious or unethical about any of the defendants. She didn’t discuss the evidence. The filing by Trump was desperate grasping.

Donald Trump needs Fani Willis off of the RICO case because if she gets removed, that means her entire office is removed, and the state would have to find a new DA to take over the investigation, which is unlikely at this stage. If Willis would be disqualified and moved, the case would probably die.

The Trump filing isn’t about getting rid of Fani Willis. It is an attempt to get rid of the entire prosecution.

A new poll showed that if Trump is convicted of a felony, President Biden will have a five-point lead and probably cruise to reelection.

Trump needs Fani Willis gone because her case could cost him the election.

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