Even though Trump is pushing for it, House Republicans don’t have the votes needed to pass a symbolic resolution expunging his impeachments.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

Trump can’t get all of the House Republicans to agree on expunging his impeachments.

There is no such thing as an impeachment expungement. Kevin McCarthy admitted that such a symbolic resolution would be meaningless. 

Trump wants to be able to campaign and say that his impeachments were expunged, but that would not mean anything. Even if the House passed a resolution, the impeachment would still exist. They will be a stain on Trump’s name throughout the rest of American history.

It is humiliating for the former president that he can’t even get his own party to back a move to discredit his impeachments.

House Republicans have engaged in a lot of revisionist history since they have taken the majority, and McCarthy may still try to appease Trump by holding a vote, but if the vote fails, it will only add further embarrassment to the humiliation of Trump not having the votes to expunge his impeachments.


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